Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FWF's Year Review - 2013

What a difference a year makes.  This has been a huge year for Fisherman's Wife Furniture and for me personally.  This marks one full year out of the classroom and being a full time business owner.  Somedays I still can't believe it and I am waiting for someone to come take it all away.

Over the past few months, many new followers and readers have come along so I want to do a quick review of my favorite and/or most popular posts from 2013.

Favorite Personal Posts

We started the year off right with a great vacation!  The past two years we have done a January vacation to The Out Islands of The Bahamas.  I am obsessed with the remote islands of the Caribbean.  They are magical.  I recommend you go to at least one small/remote island if you ever get the chance.  This year was one of my favorites.

 Our vacation

In May, we announced we were moving back to Texas and we bought a house!  New Orleans was great to us but we were ready to be back to Texas and be closer to our families.

This is when all the DIY posts started.  My main focus for the first 4 months after moving was getting the house updated and getting settled.  I started working on growing my blog audience and using it to grow my business in the Houston/Galveston area.  Even though Fisherman's Wife Furniture wasn't a new business, it was like starting over when we moved.  I had no word of mouth advertisement or client base.  It was important that I establish a local following on the blog and other social networks.

Slowly but surely I started getting more readers and followers on the blog as well as on Facebook and Pinterest.  I also started getting local requests for work.  Then other bloggers started to feature my projects and my business.  I never thought anything like that would ever happen.  Every feature is a blessing and is unbelievable.  If you missed any of them, visit my "Featured" page which is the top right tab of the blog.

I announced in yesterday's post that I will have my first magazine feature in May!  It will be in the Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen + Bath Makeover Magazine, Summer 2014.  I am still in shock.  It probably won't feel real until I see it in print and even then,  it is going to be strange to see myself and my home in a magazine.

The kitchen has received a lot of attention and is by far our hardest project to date.  It is also the one I am most proud of.  Everything in this space is us.  All colors, textiles and design elements were chosen by us and we DIYed the entire space.  I am so in love with it and can't wait to work our magic on our scary bathrooms.

 Read about the kitchen reveal here.

Favorite Furniture Makeovers

Custom Dresser B&A - One of the most popular posts on the blog!  I love this transformation.

And lastly, one of my favorite furniture makeovers lives in my house!  The armoire I turned into a storage and feeding station for Jaxson and Sabine.  We use this piece of furniture twice a day and I can't imagine what we would do without it.  

Top 3 DIY Posts

DIY Butcherblock Countertops

 DIY Refrigerator Enclosure


DIY Glass Tile Backsplash


And last but not least, the funniest post from this year is...

Let's Talk Lights

Be sure to check it out if you have never read the post before.  It will change your life.

I hope everyone has a safe, fun New Year's Eve and an amazing 2014!  I can't wait to see what 2014 holds for us and for Fisherman's Wife Furniture.

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