Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We Are Home Owners!

We are officially owners of a 1980's waterfront home......let the ripping out and DIY-ing begin.  Nothing like buying a home and then destroying parts of it in the same week.  :)

Seriously though, one of the reasons we love the house is because they have not done much to it since it was built.  Only 2 appliances updated but not recently, no landscaping, no boathouse or deck, no new nice flooring.  To me I see a clean slate to work with and I don't mind tearing out the old stuff to transform the house into our home.

For those of you who have asked where it is, the house is in Bayou Vista, TX.  Its off of I-45 South of Houston, before you cross the bridge to Galveston.

The neighborhood is small and quiet and I think it is exactly what we want.  Brian drives into Houston for work but it is about the same drive he was doing when we lived in New Orleans so he doesn't mind.

I will start posting before and after photos soon and posting about some specific DIY projects we have done as well as what products we have decided to use in our home.  I can't wait to get started!  Our first night in the house is tonight and my first new appliance gets delivered today!  I still can't believe all this has happened so fast and so smoothly.  We are extremely blessed and grateful.  Thank you to my parents for letting the dogs and me stay at your house the past 2 weeks while we were homeless and thank you to Brian's college friend for letting Brian stay at your house during the week.  Thanks to all the friends and family for the suggestions and advice.  A special thanks to our friend Jason for help making this happen.  And a BIG THANK YOU to Candy Baggett, our Realtor, for making me go look at this house after I took it off my list and for doing all the extras for us.  Buying a house from 6 hours away is not easy and having a great Realtor is the only reason the deal happened.  And lastly, thank you to my husband for buying me a house on the water and letting me put a new kitchen in anniversary present to date.  BLittle, you have really set the bar high for yourself ;)

I'll be posting pictures in a few days so check back!

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