Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Say "NO" to Blah Black

I know I haven't posted much on my blog or Facebook this week but I have been busy catching up after my week of vacation.  I have been super productive, really busy and a little crazy.  Just 2 minutes ago I tried to turn down the fan with the TV remote!  Bahaha!  I promise I haven't completely lost it.

Anyways, I have had an old headboard/footboard with frame laying around for a while.  Ok, 6 months, which is a long time for my shop.  I usually try to get things in and out ASAP but I was lacking inspiration on this bed.  It came with a package deal that included Lady in Red and the Waterfront Vanity.  Well, after months of neglect and collecting dust, I finally decided what I wanted to do with it!  Light bulb moment!

I decided to do upholstery work on them and include nailhead trim.  I wanted to do something different than just painting.  When I first went to fabric store I decided on this black and cream fabric.

Blah Black Fabric
Although the blah black fabric is pretty, the entire time I was at Joann Fabric another pattern was really my first choice.  It was bright, full of color and had a great pattern.  I bought the blah black because it was the safe choice.  I got home and started working on the project and I couldn't stop thinking about the other fabric.  The next morning I went to the store and bought the bright fabric!  In my heart I knew I would regret not using it.  The end product is bold and unusual and I LOVE it!  I am so glad I went with it instead of the safe, blah black.  The nailhead trim adds an extra touch of special that just makes this set perfection.  If I had room for it, I would probably keep it.  But I don't so it is available for purchase.  This is the final product.

I can just imagine this bed with some ivory bedding, coordinating pillows and some blue accent furniture to bring it all together.  There are coordinating fabrics at Joann Fabric that would make great pillows, curtains, and bedding accents.