Monday, December 16, 2013

Coastal Dog Collars

I know this is not furniture but I have tons of friends and followers who are as crazy about their dogs as we are about Sabine and Jaxson.  It makes us feel better to have other coo coo, dog people around us.  It makes us look not so crazy.  :)

Every year we get the dogs new collars for Christmas and like most things, I want to get something different and special.  Getting a collar off the shelf at Petco or PetsMart is ok but I prefer to find something that I am not going to see on every other dog in the area.  If you haven't discovered the shopping world known as Etsy, you need to venture out.  There are some amazing homemade products on there for reasonable prices.  Anything from quilts, shirts, baby bags, pillows, furniture.  You name it.  Even dog collars.  This year I wanted a coastal/nautical theme so the first place I started looking was Etsy and I found some super cute collars.  It was hard to choose but I love the ones I got.

For Sabine, I wanted to get something a little girly, mostly so people knows she's a lady, so pink was a must.  I found her collar ($15) at Home Sweet Life.  I could pick the backing color and the clip color.  Her pink collar with blue anchors is perfect.  It came in just a few days after ordering and had a few treats included in the package.  So cute.

Hard to believe she is 85 lbs when she balls up like this on the couch.  Sweet girl.

Now for my sweet, baby love.  Jaxson almost always has a blue collar.  It is my favorite color and he is a boy so it works.  I found his collar ($12) at DogslifeNewport.  The waves are coastal but not too girly.  He looks so handsome in it.

He loves laying in his boat bed by the window.

There are tons of products like this on Etsy.  Collars, leashes, and other puppy products you can't find in the store and most are at a reasonable price.  Some of the collars had accessories like ties and bows that clip on to the collar and can be changed out.  That is a little too much for us but it is a great idea.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  Only 9 days until Christmas!  Are you done shopping yet?  

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