Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vanity Makeover

Hi all.  I hope everyone had a very, merry Christmas.  We traveled to SETX (Southeast Texas) to spend Christmas Eve and Day with my family and now Blittle's parents are staying with us for a few days.  Its been a busy week!

It is time for me to show you a Christmas present project.   This one is extra special to me because it was given to an extra special someone.

I know I don't talk too much about my family but today I am going to tell you about my brother.  Its just the two of us and I am older by 28 months.  I wouldn't say I am an over protected sister but I can bring the cray cray when I need to.  For the most part, we got along growing up and are now good friends.  We have stayed close even though I moved away and I can't imagine my life without him.

About a year ago, he started dating a girl he knew from high school.  She makes him very happy which makes me super happy (no over protective cray cray needed).  My brother decided he wanted to get her a vanity for Christmas.  Sweet, I know.  Even sweeter...I knew a secret.  He had an engagement ring waiting for her and he was asking her on Christmas Eve.  AAAHHHH!  Hands down one of the hardest secrets I have ever kept.  I had to keep it for months!  From everyone!  I had to repeatedly lie or play dumb around friends and family who were trying to get the inside scoop from me.  I didn't even tell my husband.  Christmas Eve finally got here and I couldn't wait for her to get the vanity and the ring.

This vanity was my mom's and was in salvageable condition but it definitely had some problems.  It had support problems, a missing drawer,  bubbled veneer, bad paint (sorry Mom) and no mirror.  It doesn't have a matching bench so my mom and I started shopping immediately for one.  To help me out on time, Jarrod took out the drawer guides and put in a wood base to help stabilize the piece and give the baskets (drawer replacements) a place to sit in the drawer cubbies.  He also ordered the mirror.  When it was brought to me, this is what it looked like.

My mom found this old Singer sewing machine bench.  It is perfect for the vanity.

Tag underneath.  I love finding things like this.

The original color!

I painted the vanity a soft white and found some pretty baskets that are now the new drawers.  The bench was refinished with a medium brown stain and covered with a pretty multi colored fabric.

Here is the final product.

Jarrod decided to use the vanity in the proposal.  He put the ring inside so when she opened the middle she would see the ring.  So perfect.

I am so excited for the two of them!  Congrats, Whitney & Jarrod.

Check back tomorrow to see the other project I had to do for a Christmas present.  It includes some wood work and upholstery!

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  1. Congrats to Jarrod and excited for the whole family :) And this dresser turned out so beautiful. You do awesome work Kaylor!! Susan