Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Vacation

Hi everybody!  I know this is not about furniture but I thought I would tell y'all a little about our vacation.  BLittle and I love traveling in the Caribbean.  We have only been to one "touristy" spot in the islands.  We went to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos in 2007 and although we LOVED it and Grace Bay is one of the prettiest beaches we have ever seen, it was missing something for us.  Now we have only been vacationing in the Out Islands of The Bahamas.  These islands are not well developed and have this untainted, adventure quality that you can not get on other islands.  They usually require a small airplane ride and amenities are limited but who cares!  You are in The Bahamas!

This time we went to Long Island, The Bahamas which is a southern island in The Bahamas chain.  We stayed at Chez Pierre.  It consists of 6 basic stilted, wood cabins on a very quiet bay and a main lodge where Pierre, a trained chef, prepares breakfast and dinner everyday.  Long Island is long, hence the name, and last week we drove the whole 81 miles of the only main road of the island and saw so many beautiful things.  It doesn't matter how many times we go, it never gets old seeing those gorgeous water colors and beaches.  It was an amazing week and I think we will be visiting this island again.  Here are a few pics from the week.

Yes, we had to get on a prop plane.  Not the first time but I still don't like it.
The quality of plane down there is a little different than here.
It can be a little scary when you see Duct Tape on the walls inside a plane :/

Our chairs in front of the cabin.  My front yard for the week.

Sunset at Chez Pierre in front of our cabin.

Our Cabin

View of Millers Bay from the bed in our cabin.  Amazing to wake up to this view every morning.

Beautiful beach we had all to ourselves.
Columbus Monument

Caption on the Columbus Monument

I love this boat.  No one was on this beach but us and this super white boat was
there looking lonely so I decided to take pictures of it.  I love them all.
I am going to put them on canvas and hang them in our home.  

Another beautiful beach we had all to ourselves.

Dean's Blue Hole - this is the deepest blue hole in the world.  Free divers were there everyday practicing.  It was really neat but kind of eerie.

Dean's Blue Hole
View from the Cape Santa Maria Resort deck at lunch. 
Cape Santa Maria Resort.  The beach here was calm and powder blue.  Absolutely breathtaking.

We hired a fishing guide for the day.  It was by far my favorite guide experience.  We had a blast.

Lunch on the boat.

We saw a 6-legged star fish for the first time.

I caught my first bonefish but a shark got him before I could reel it in all the way.  I had several other bites and break offs but never got one all the way in.  Guess I will have to go back and try again.  :)

Calmest day we have ever seen on the water in the Caribbean.  It was amazing.

I have TONS more pictures but you get the was gorgeous!  Now it is back to work and reality!  I have several pieces ready to purchase and in stock for custom refinish.  Contact me if you are looking for a certain piece.  Have a great week y'all.

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