Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Waterfront Cottage ~ 2 Years Later

What a crazy adventure the past two years have been!  On June 24, 2013 we closed on our 1980s waterfront cottage and on June 27th we rented a jack hammer to start work.  It has been non stop projects ever since.  Our house has transformed into a beautiful home and I can't wait to get it finished!

To read a detailed list of what we did the first year in the house read my post from last year.  Here are a few before and after pictures.

Photo Credit: After picture taken my Ever & Anon

Photo Credit: After picture taken my Ever & Anon

This room is currently going through another update.  :)  

After I finished the DIY adirondack chairs last summer, we started planning for the master bathroom update and took a break from house projects.  I have done a few things around the house but not much.  In January, I started working on the master bath and it has been slow.  I expected it to take 4-5 months but we are pushing the 6 month mark and I still have a lot to do.

I have done most of the work by myself.  Since we have another bathroom in the house there isn't a rush on finishing our's.  Having said that, its time to get this project finished.

What I have left to do:

  • Countertops (order and have installed)
  • Install sink
  • Install new faucets
  • Tile backsplash
  • Have electrical wires for the new lights moved
  • Have electrical wires installed for shower vent/light
  • Install shower vent/light
  • Install vent/light in toilet area
  • Patch holes from old lights
  • Texture wall
  • Paint wall
  • Install mirror
  • Install new lights
  • Install shelves in toilet area and along short wall of vanity
  • Paint the doors and shelves of vanity
  • Install quarter round trim for floors
  • Install shower door
  • Find a new door from master bed to bath
  • Paint and add some more organization to closets

A few before and progress shots.

I am also in the process of giving our master bedroom a makeover.  New paint has been chosen I just need to get it on the wall.  There is new bedding and new curtains as well.  I want to get new end tables and a huge dresser that can hold tons of clothes.  Something 70" or so.  BIG.

The office got a makeover around Christmas.  I built a custom DIY Filing Cabinet Desk for that room and got it set up for our needs.  It went from our catch all room to a functioning office.  The space is great and I use it often.

Another project that is on the list and will be started soon is some exterior projects.  After Jaxson jumped from the deck and hurt himself, yes, he is still limping almost 2 months later, the railing project jump to the top of the list.  I am trying to nail down design and costs so we can get started fairly soon.  Here is what we want to do.

  • Tear out old railing
  • Tear out old stairs
  • Sand deck
  • Build new railing (will look like cattle panel fence)
  • Stain/paint new railing
  • Build new stairs
  • Stain/paint new stairs
  • Close in under stairs to create storage room
  • Use Rustoleum Restore or similar product on deck
  • Pressure wash house
  • Paint exterior doors (including garage)
  • Paint exterior house
  • Tear out old side yard
  • Create pebble patio with more seating and fire pit
  • Make flagstone pathway from back porch to dock
  • Have electrician run wiring for exterior lights
  • Install exterior lights

Once the exterior of the house is finished, the last big project will be the guest bath which is going to get a simple facelift.  There are tons of little things left to do but most of the big stuff will be finished this year.  Hopefully.

  • Guest bath update
  • Change living room set up
  • Sew living room curtains
  • Side tables for living room
  • Paint all interior doors and update hardware
  • Laundry closet door (I need to figure something out)
  • Crown moulding in all rooms

There is still tons to do but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am excited about finally being able to work on the outside of the house to make it as attractive as the inside. There will always be small projects and decor details to work on but that is just part of home ownership.  I feel like we can get the remodel and update work finished this year then I can rest a little.  :) 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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