Thursday, January 7, 2016

Something New For 2016

Hi all and happy new year!  It has been a while since I have updated everyone with the going ons from around here and I am sorry for that.

The thing is, for over 6 months I have been debating on rebranding or changing the blog or even quitting the blog.  Not quitting Fisherman's Wife Furniture or changing its name but changing where I share my tutorials, DIY before and afters, home projects, etc.  This site was initially where I shared my furniture work to keep an online portfolio for clients.  Then we moved and started all these DIY projects, I started writing tutorial posts, then I started getting featured for my work (which is really our work, Blittle and myself), and on and on until furniture got totally lost in the mix of things.  This site was never meant to be a DIY or lifestyle blog.  It just naturally progressed to that and I feel this is not the right platform to keep sharing my non furniture adventures.

I procrastinated on starting a new blog.  Shock, I know.  I thought about not blogging anymore at all and was hesitant to spend the time and money on a new one.  I honestly don't think my life is that interesting (most days consist of work out clothes, paint clothes, ponytails, lots of dirt & sweat, paint and trips to the home improvement store) and sharing can be hard for me.  At the last minute (December 29th) I decided I want to keep sharing our home makeovers and tutorials as well as share random things like our favorite products and places to travel, which are common questions I get on the blog and in person.  Plus, this will give us an opportunity to feature Blittle more along with boats, hunting and fishing.

We decided to not get that creative and just call the new blog Brian & Kaylor.  Easy to remember and find us.  It can grow with us as we move on to the next set of goals, adventures and dreams.  Some of you may have noticed my Instagram  changed to brianandkaylor and there has been much more fishing, boats and hunting....and random food...might have to talk to him about that.  We are now sharing that account and it will be linked to the new site.  To see furniture just search #fishermanswifefurniture.  Fisherman's Wife Furniture will have its own Facebook page.  I still get featured with tags on Facebook so I feel its important to keep that social media separate.  I will update it with all things furniture but for DIY and other home projects please follow the new Brian and Kaylor Facebook page.

This site,,  will still have the current blog posts that link to Pinterest  and such but it will be changing to be a more professional website.  This will be the last blog post here.  Updates will only be to the furniture portfolio, feature and for sale pages.  When you visit, there will be a stagnet homepage and no more blog posts visible but they will be accessable. will be live next week...I hope.  I am currently working on getting some popular posts moved over as well as new content.  It will take some time and little changes to get it just right, but for the most part its ready and launch date should be Monday.

The first big reveal will be soon.  Our master bath is finished and I can't wait to share!

Over the next few months please be patient as I try to get things updated and moved.  There might be a few times you try to visit and the site is down or slow.  It means I am updating and moving content.  Just check back.

Thanks!  We hope you all keep following on our new blog and social medias!

Brian & Kaylor

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Update ~ 11/20/2015

Y'all.  What a crazy few weeks.  Wait.  Crazy few months.

Lots and lots of changes to share with y'all soon.  I have transformed an impressive amount of furniture the past few months and I haven't shared any of them!  And the house is looking amazing.  If I do say so myself.  The mini makeover in the bedroom is almost done...still looking for a headboard.  The bathroom is done except for the vents and shower door....being installed the 30th.  There has been great progress in the living room too.  It is finally starting to look like the vision in my head!

I promise to share everything. Just not yet.  :)

Things I can share:  I had two great features the last few weeks.

One of my favorite blogs, House of Turquoise, featured the kitchen and dining room.  Seriously, I was speechless in Homegoods when I found out.  House of Turquoise is one of the first blogs I started to follow and provided lots of inspiration for my projects.  I still can't believe my home is on there with some gorgeous, dream homes.  Check out the feature!

Then the skiff bed got a feature.  When we built the skiff bed years ago, I never would have thought it would get so much attention.  It is one of the first things people notice and comment on when they enter our home.  And of course our friends in the fishing community love it.  A great fishing blog, Skiff Life, saw the bed and did a fun write up about it.  See it here!

There has been lots of inquiries about me building more beds for purchase and I haven't decided.  BUT if I do decided to make a few, I will post on here and my other social media.  It would be a prepay, set amount being built type thing.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  My next few weeks are filled with some fun and exciting events.  Even when the blog isn't updated, I try to share on Instagram as much as I can.  Be sure to follow me to get all the behind the scenes.

Happy Thanksgiving, too!  Stay safe and don't eat too much.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Update ~10/23/2015

I am here! I promise!  Things have gone quiet on the blog and much of my social media.  Just not feeling it lately plus I have been unbelievably busy.  This post started last Thursday and was supposed to be finished for Friday but I couldn't make it happen.  Even my friends were starting to wonder.  We see each other every few days usually (we all live less than a mile or two from each other) and I didn't see them for over a week.  I refuse to complain because I am so grateful for all the work but not going to lie...I am tired.

The past three weeks have been extremely productive even if the blog wasn't updated!  We went out of town for a wedding, finished the fire pit area, I hung the shelves in the bathroom (LOVE THEM), rearranged our living room layout, bought new chairs, finished/started several FWF projects, cleaned and reorganized the shop, my parents came over one evening, my mom visited a day, and Blittle's parents visited several days.  And those are the highlights.

A quick pic of us looking like fancy adults at the wedding.


I do not have pictures of the bathroom shelves.  For now on, no more bathroom pictures.  The kitchen I kept mostly hidden and only showed certain parts until it was finished.  The final result, for the most part, was a surprise. The bathroom has been blogged about a lot and the surprise factor is out.  Now that we are down to the finishing touches, I want to wait until it is complete to post more pictures.  There needs to be a few unknown things for the big reveal.  :)


The actual construction part of the fire pit and side yard is complete. I built some benches last weekend and we hung patio lights.  I still need to decorate to make it feel "homey" and set up the cooking area.  Blittle wants to build a smoker as well.  Still lots to do but we can enjoy the space while it is in progress.


These chairs went home.

I will get after pictures later.  They are now a gorgeous blue and covered with new fabric.

This vanity is finished.

Again, I'll get photos of it in it's new home next week.

I built this cool out door table out of an old fence gate and legs the owner got from the Galveston Historic Foundation Store.

Now I am working on our entertainment center.  My mom bought it and wants it navy.  The table to the dining set she bought will get its makeover next week and I have two end tables to refurbish.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It is supposed to rain A LOT here over the next few days because of Hurricane Patricia (No, it is not hitting us but the rain will make its way to Texas).  The weather person is saying 100% chance over the weekend.  Pretty sure its going to rain.

Hopefully with all the rain, I can get my blog posts for the furniture before and afters done today or this weekend.  There will be a post about the fire pit are and the benches I built soon, too.  Another goal is to get all the quarter round installed in the bathroom and start painting the trim.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Update ~ 10/2/2015

Happy gorgeous, Friday.  The weather is amazing here today!  As usual, things have been busy and I can't seem to keep up with everything.


The sink and faucets are installed!  I also got the plumbing hooked up but there is a tiny leak at one of the plumbing connections but it works.  The vanity is almost finished.  I have been touching up paint this week and started the clear coats.  The original hinges will be sent to the same shop as my kitchen hinges to be chrome plated next week.


This project has been moving fairly quickly.  The first two, heavy duty steps we hired some local guys that had the equipment to make things easy.  Grass was removed, then crushed concrete was brought in.

We put down another layer of landscape fabric and started laying the river rock pebble on top of that. The first section will be all pebble to save money and it makes the space more usable.  We might have to use that area to park a trailer or for storage in the future (hopefully not).  The back section will be a mix of large pavers and pebbles so we can easily place furniture and walk.  The fire pit has been laid out but not glued together.  Hopefully we will get to all that next weekend.

The pups are loving the pebble.

Blittle finished the walkway to the dock and installed more sod.  Sabine helped with keeping the new sod watered.


The shop is full!  I am finishing up a vanity and chair set early next week as well as 4 dining chairs that will be painted and the cushions covered with new fabric.  There are two end tables that need to be refinished and an old fence gate I am turning into an outdoor table.  Lots and lots of work going on.

Here are the before pictures.



This week, some friends and I took a day off to shop Round Top, Texas antique markets.  Y'all, its crazy!  You drive down the highway and there are tons of markets set up.  Hundreds of venders each.  The Original Antique Market is where we started but once we were done there we made our way south, stopping when we saw some venders that we wanted to shop.  Even if you aren't looking to buy anything, it makes a great girls' day.

We stopped by Round Top town square which is super cute.  Each little building has a store in it ranging from clothes to Royer's Pie Haven.  I got the sweet n' salty with a scoop of ice cream and it was worth every calorie.  One friend got a slice of apple pie and the other a shake.  All was delicious and a perfect sweet treat to get us through the afternoon.

I bought one thing on the trip.  A cow skin rug.  I have been shopping around for some time now but they tend to be very expensive.  My husband grew up on a ranch and I have been looking for a skin rug to bring some Texas country into our coastal home.  I plan to layer it with a jute rug in the living room.  Speaking of, changes are coming to that room.  Two years after moving in, I still have not revealed that room.  It is an interior design nightmare right now and I refuse to show y'all all the rules I am breaking.  More on that later.

I also found a vintage ring I loved but I didn't buy it.  Eyeroll, I know.  After shopping for over two years, I still haven't purchased a ring.  At some point I am going to give in and actually buy one.  Here is the one from Round Top.

It really is perfect.  Overall size isn't too big.  Platinum.  1920s. Good diamond quality.  Doesn't even need to be sized.  Remember the one I found in New Orleans a few years ago?  I didn't realize how similar they were until I got home and searched for the picture.

I like the one from Round Top better.  :)

Anyway, if you have an opportunity to go, it is a fun time and worth a day off.  We had a blast.


Pottery Barn Seagrass Wingback Armchairs - $350 each or $650 for the set.

I have 2 Pottery Barn Seagrass Wingback Armchairs in the Havana Dark Weave. (29"w x 33"d x 42"h) Both chairs have had minimum use, come from a smoke free home and are only a few years old. The removable cushion covers have no stains and are in great condition. Each chair is priced at $599 new from Pottery Barn. 

Upholstered Oversized King Headboard - $350

I custom made this for our king size bed several years ago but it does not fit our bedroom space in our new home. It is framed with MDF, filled with high density foam, and the custom sewn cover is Robert Allen fabric. The 2" nailhead trim is an antique nickel. The dimensions are 80"W x 46"T (top of curve to base of headboard) x 2"D. The overall height can be adjusted with the legs to fit your mattress height.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get behind the scenes pictures and daily updates.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Update ~ 09/18/2015

It's Friday!  This was the quickest, long week ever.  Things were super busy, I worked hard every day,  my body made me go to bed by 9:30 most nights (8:30 last night) and now it is Friday already.


My shop is filled to the max.  I finished up my mom's dressers, worked on a desk, stool, and  sofa table for a client, plus had another client dropped off a vanity.  Earlier this week I shared our master bedroom bed side tables.  Love them!  Read about that makeover here.




If you follow me on Instagram you know that we have made tons of progress over the last few weeks.  The goal for the weekend is to have all the water lines and plumbing hooked up!


Apparently I don't feel busy enough so we started the side yard/paver patio makeover.  Really, the bathroom is taking longer than expected since I took time off of the project to focus on furniture work and here we are in September already.  We want the side yard ready for fall and oyster season.  There is a plan for a smoker, fire pit, setting up a grill area, outdoor furniture and much more.  After lots of discussion we decided to hire out most of the prep work.  

One of the biggest struggles we have as DIYers is knowing we can do it.  Blittle and I did a paver patio at our first home.  There is no part of the project beyond our ability.  The problem is time....and energy.  We decided investing the money for someone else to do the heavy work was worth it.  And I am not going to lie, writing those checks have been painful but the work has been done in hours, not days.

First step was to tear out all the grass and frame the patio.  This work was done late last week then Brian and I framed the space over the weekend.  Today, the crushed concrete will be brought in and leveled.  That leaves us (we will actually DIY this part) laying the pavers and building the fire pit.

Blittle started the paver walkway to the dock last weekend.  The house originally had a concrete walkway that was putting pressure on the bulkhead and was broken.  It was the very first thing we tore out.  Seriously, our first weekend at the house we rented a jack hammer and tore it out making tons of noise that I have no doubt the entire neighborhood could hear.  Two years later we are putting in a new path to the dock.  We decided to do a simple paver walkway.  The grass will be removed and each paver will sit flush with the grass.  

And that's what I did this week.  This weekend will be busy with hunting, furniture delivery, birthday party and bathroom work.

Have a great weekend everyone!  To see what we are up to this weekend, follow me on Instagram.

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