Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Current Kitchen & Dining Room Crush

Y'all.  I have found a new favorite kitchen and dining room.    

Many of you know, I have an unhealthy strong obsession with the beach and water and the NEED to live there.  I love where we live now, but my dream is to live on a small, sleepy island with gorgeous blue water and white sand.  Blittle hears it all the time.  Running a bed and breakfast is part of that dream.  He can be a fishing guide and I can run the B&B and the dogs can have free run of the property and greet all the guests (in a perfect world)  I have it all figured out.  :)

I came across the show, Bloodline, several months ago and it is set in the Florida Keys (yes, please) and the family runs a pretty B&B (yes, again).  As usual, I got pulled in by the set.  I can't help but notice the design and furnishings on TV and movie sets.  Of course there are the popular ones and they are all gorgeous...

Somethings Gotta Give

Julia Child's Kitchen

Its Complicated

Monica's multi colored apartment - I mean really.  Have y'all noticed all the crazy colors?!  And that waterfall dresser used as the media console.

The china hutch in Dexter and Rita's House

Everything on Downton Abbey

and the list goes on and on.

Well, the Bloodline house does not disappoint either.  The exterior of the house is beautiful.  White with gorgeous blue shutters.  Huge verandas.  Tropical yard and private dock.

The house does really exist and can be rented but the interior of the real house is not the same as the Bloodline home.  The interior scenes are shot at a set in Miami.  The spaces were designed by Scott Murphy.  I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the kitchen and dining space.

We all know I love white (just look at my kitchen) but color is fun too.  This colorful kitchen caught my eye from the beginning.  The floor plan is okay, I am an open concept kind of girl, and I would prefer modern appliances, but the style, color combinations and decor are all beautiful and different from what I have been seeing lately.  I love different.  :)

Lets start with the dining.

These pictures are from Scott Murphy's website.

Things that get my attention.
  • Colored board and batten trim (I love that it is not white)
  • The wall paper above the board and batten
  • The pineapples in the light fixture over the table
  • That huge rustic, reclaimed table.  That is seating for 10!
  • The curtain fabric
  • The dresser
  • The striped rug

The kitchen

Screen clipped photos.

Things that get my attention.
  • The cabinet colors.  I love the combo of blue and green.
  • The green glass knobs
  • The wood trim on the cabinet doors
  • That tile behind the stove (IN LOVE)
  • Butcher block countertops
  • The butcher block table/prep station at the end of the island
  • The 2 shelves over the sink and the anchor towel holder on the side of the cabinet
  • The dish display (recognize those dishes?  I'll come back to that)
  • Although there is not a great picture of it, the room does have a coffered ceiling
  • That huge sink!
  • The window transoms letting light through 
  • The pass through window from kitchen to dining
  • The butler's pantry (would love that)

One of the things that caught my eye in the first few episodes is the dish display and the dishes in them.  Those are my dishes!!!!  We use the old Navy anchor dishes.

In my kitchen reveal, you see me mix my anchor dishes with Fire King's Alice print dishes.

I would love to have an entire set like they have.  And be able to display them.  We use the bowls and plates daily and my goal is to have a full set of 12 one day.  

What are y'all kitchen crushes right now?  On average, I have about 5 a week (haha) but this one has been my leading love for several months.

 photo Signature_zps5473e161.png

DISCLAIMER:  Bloodline is a Netflix series which means they have potty mouths.  Don't say I didn't warn you.


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