Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Update ~ 08/07/2015

Hey, hey.  Another week has flew by and somehow it is August already.  AHH!  Blittle and I both have been dealing with major sinus headaches since we got back from the trip.  It has killed my productivity.  Apparently, I am now allergic to Texas and need to live in the Caribbean full time.  HA!

Read about our Antigua vacation adventure:  Part 1 is about our time on a sailboat and Part 2 is all about the resort.


The countertops have been ordered!  There was a bit of drama with the countertops that postponed things.  When I got my price quote for the Eco by Cosentino quartz countertop in the planning stages, the guy did not tell me there was a minimum order requirement and that I did not meet it.  Our master bath countertop is about 16 square feet and the minimum is 25.  Imagine my surprise when I went to order and the women gave me a quote $700 over the original price given.  She said we had to pay for the entire 25 square feet.  They will give us the reminisce to use for the other bathroom or do whatever with.  I was ticked.  I told her that the first guy never told me that there was a minimum and the White Diamond countertop was part of a plan (vanity color, tile and grout color, wall color were all chosen with this top in mind) and I couldn't just change to another counter material.

I called, emailed and visited several other countertop places and it was the same story but worse.  Some of them required 50 square feet minimums.  Seriously?  I thought about changing to marble because I could get it at the exact size but decided not to.  I love the quartz.  So, long story longer, I went back to Lowes and ordered the entire 25 square feet.  We are going to use the extra for the guest bath.  It should be big enough for our plan in there.  Hopefully.

The guys will be out to measure in the next week and the countertops should be installed within the next 2 weeks!  EEK!  So exciting.


This week I have been working on a piece for my mom.  Now that they are back from Germany, she is trying to furnish an apartment plus finish furnishing their house.   She has a lot of work for me.  Shh.  Don't tell my dad.  :)

We worked on this cute dresser she got a great deal on.

I will be starting a project for myself next week.  Our master bedroom is getting a mini makeover and we need a huge dresser to hold our folded clothes and some real end tables.  My mom found a great dresser (70+ inches) for me.  It looks just like my grandparents' dresser did before it's makeover.  

Also, the large buffet and china cabinet have been sold.  They will be stained a richer dark color and the original pulls will be used.  I am so excited I don't have to paint them!  They are gorgeous and painting them would have broken my heart.  There will be lots and lots of stripping, sanding, and staining next week!


The past few weeks have been unreal.  We got back from an amazing vacation which is always crazy to me.  I dreamed of traveling the world when I was younger but I wasn't sure if it was going to actually happen.  Every trip is a little out of body and I know how precious each one is.  Then we got back from the trip and my Coast Magazine feature was published.  Read "Turning the Tables" here.

While we were on vacation, This Old House emailed to ask permission to feature the Dog Food Armoire on their website! Umm, of course you can.  Read it here.  And a cherry on top for the week, Good Housekeeping included my kitchen in an article called "8 Kitchen Makeovers That Will Make You Swoon".  I am so flattered.  Seriously can't believe my life sometimes.  Read that article here.

This weekend we are working on a boat update also known as, the never ending project.  We are also getting a quote for someone to come tear out the grass and level the side yard we are turning into a patio/fire pit area.  Hiring machinery is much faster and efficient than us doing it by hand.  Plus in this heat (y'all we are hovering around 100 degrees everyday) we would probably die so we are going to hire the tear out part if we can.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend!

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  1. The past few weeks have been unreal. We got back from an amazing vacation which is always crazy to me