Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Update & Demo Day

Hey guys.  One of my goals for 2015 is to be more consistent in my posts.  I know.  I know.  You have heard it before.  This time I am starting slow.  Instead of making a broad goal that is hard to track, I am starting with small steps.  The first one is to do a Friday Update.

My main problem with the blog is finding time.  It is extremely time consuming to take and edit pictures. Many times, I don't like the first round of pictures so I go back and take more.  Also, I over analyze and take too long writing posts.  My high school English teacher's voice is constantly in my head.  "You are starting sentences with "I" too much" "The word "that" isn't necessary here" "You are using too many conjunctions.  Rewrite the sentence without so, but, and, etc"  Knowing people read my writing scares me.  I proofread.  Reread.  Rewrite.  Change up.  Read again.  And after all that it is still a grammar nightmare.  I taught math.  My writing skills have always been lacking.  One post takes me hours sometimes.

This blog is not my main job, the furniture is, which means the blog is put on the back burner when I get lazy time gets short.   But if I am being honest with myself and with all of you, I have time to make at least one post a week, every week.

Even if I don't have a completed project or much content to share, every Friday I will give a general update on what I did that week.  Rather its furniture, updates on the other business or stuff going on in my personal life, there will be an update.

And let's not talk about the fact that this isn't the first Friday of 2015.  Baby steps, y'all.

So here is the first Friday update.

This week was extremely productive!  BLittle had Monday off and the weather was beautiful.  We worked outside most of the day and I started on a fun project that involves the two solid wood doors I have had laying around.  A client requested that I make them into chairs!  They are coming along and hopefully will be finished today.

Recognize this dresser?

It was available for purchase but this tall boy along with its matching dresser were picked up this week by their new owner.  They will be part of a sweet nursery.  When things are finished and my client sends me some pictures, I promise to share.

There were also two great posts this week.  I shared my DIY filing cabinet desk and finally revealed the home office.

This week had some activity for our other business but I still can't share those details.  Soon, I promise.

The weather was rainy, windy and cold all day yesterday so I tried to be as productive as possible inside.  It was nasty and I wanted to avoid it.  I did research on updating the blog, I think I want to go with a new look, got some cleaning and laundry done and I made some final decisions on the master bathroom.

It's been a while since I have talked about the master bath reno so let me update you on what has happened over the past few weeks.  Hint:  We had to start showering in the guest bath.

Back in September, there were several posts about the master bathroom (read about it here, here and here).  The goal was to start on the bathroom after the new year, so right now, but we chose to delay that start date.  Life happened along with a few unexpected expenses and we decided to extend our trip to Europe by a week.  (I KNOW!  Tell you the details on that soon.)  We wanted to give ourselves a little more time to save the money for what we have planned over the next 6 months and was going to put the renovation off until Spring.  God had other plans.

Several weeks ago I discovered a leak in our master bath tub drain.  Remember, the livable space of our home is on the second floor and the first floor is our garage/shop.  There was a puddle of water in the shop one day in a weird spot and I couldn't figure out where it came from...until I looked up.  It was right under the master tub drain pipe coming out of the ceiling.  Then I noticed rust on the light fixture.  Y'all!  It's been leaking for some time.  I am so thankful there was never an electrical short or fire or something horrible.  Yikes.

Another discovery came with finding the leak.  We have always known that the air conditioning system in the house wasn't efficient.  When the AC cuts on in the summer, hot air comes out at first and in the winter, cold air starts out when the heat cuts on.  It runs too much and the hallway feels drafty. That air is coming from somewhere but we could not figure out from where.  Until I found the leak.

*Hopefully this explanation won't confuse y'all too much. I included pictures to help with the visual.

The hole where the drain comes out of the floor of the bathroom/ceiling of the shop is letting air into the house....and not just a little air.

This is the ceiling in my garage under the house.

Our AC air intake is right behind our tub unit and there is no insulation or separation between the two.  When I change our air filter, I can see the back of my fiberglass shower.  So when the AC unit cuts on, it is sucking air through that hole in the floor to the garage, pass the tub and into our home/AC ducts.

It explains the wrong temperature air when it first cuts on.  It explains how my house is getting so dusty so fast.  It explains why the house starts to smell like chemicals when we paint or fiberglass under the house.  Everything came together the moment I stuck my hand up to the pipe in the shop to see if it was wet and felt the air being suck up into the house.

So long story longer, we want to get the AC issue fixed ASAP and we don't want to pay a plumber to come fix a leak when that pipe needs to be moved in a few months. We decided to rip out the carpet and tub this weekend!  The master bath demo will start Saturday morning!

I am so excited.  Using the spare bathroom to shower is just weird to me.  :)  Its not my space and feels foreign.

The demo will give us a chance to see if there are any problems hiding behind the fiberglass unit, we will see what kind of plumbing we are working with and we will finally be able to seal off the air intake for the AC.  Also, we are hoping to break up and remove the concrete slab, yes, you read that right, concrete slab under the tub.  How do I know about a slab under my tub?  Because I can see it when I change the air filter.

It is about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide by several inches thick.  Our goal is to remove it without hurting anything else...including ourselves.  Fingers crossed. 

I promise to keep y'all posted on Facebook and Instagram as we work.  This is the last day my master bath will look like this.  EEEKKK!

Monday, this enclave should be a clean slate for us to start the new walk in shower!

Have a great and safe weekend everyone. 

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