Monday, September 15, 2014

Master Bath Decisions

Hi all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Things have been quiet on the blog but that is because I am super busy with work!

Furniture projects consist of a huge, multi piece entertainment center (delivered yesterday) and a farmhouse table.  This weekend, two dressers and a bed were dropped off to get their update before they go in a sweet nursery.

My other project is planning for the master bathroom.  I am really tired of looking at this....

Searching for products and prices is time consuming.  Also, as much as I love shopping on the internet in my pj's, I had to get out and go see things in person.  I went to several big box stores and small shops to look at tile, faucets and glass doors.

Before I could make solid decisions on products, I wanted to get a realistic idea of costs and get a budget set (I will post about planning and setting the budget tomorrow).  Talking to people in our area was helpful.  I definitely have a better idea of prices for retailers near my home.  I also know that my original budget (I kind of just picked a number I thought would be enough) was not realistic for all the things we want to do.

Last week, I posted some inspiration pictures and showed y'all our bathroom as it is now.  I have made many decisions over the last few days and have a better idea of what I am going to do.

So, which decisions were made?  Several major ones.

First, thing.  No tub.  After shopping around to see tubs in person and researching prices and options, I don't want it.  Yes, we can say there is a whirlpool tub in the house but it was going to make the shower feel small and cramped (opposite of what I want).  A 32-34" wide tub does not have that much "floor" space.  They have angled backs and some of the width is taken up by plumbing for the jets.  You end up having this tiny space to stand for a shower.  So, the tub is out.  Also, we will have a glass shower door.

The walk in shower will have 2" hexagon calacatta oro floor and accents and large white subway tile walls.

This is not the tile pattern I want but you can get an idea of the white subway with the marble.

Second thing.  No built in bench.  Benches in a walk in shower are great but I hate the ones that are built in.  Sitting on cold, hard stone with a bare bum is not appealing to me.  Just saying.  They are slick and uncomfortable.  Not that I spend a lot of time sitting on shower benches but I have experienced them enough to know I don't like them.  I did a little research on garden web and many people said the same thing.  So we will have a teak bench.  It can be moved to any spot in the shower or taken out all together.

Third thing.  I had this great plan for a walk in shower that has two sets of working shower heads.  Something like this.  (Actually I want this exact shower.  I LOVE the mix of tile colors and materials.  Its perfect...just a little too expensive)

Changing plumbing is expensive and I am not sure how much we can do.  I at least want to have several shower heads to choose from but they will be on the same wall. They can't be used at the same time but you can switch between the different types.  Not every one likes rain shower so the regular shower head is still an option.  I like the idea of a hand held shower head for washing the dogs, cleaning the shower, or if someone with kids purchases the home, hand helds are nice to bath kids in the shower.

These are my favorites but it really depends on how much plumbing will have to be changed and how much it costs.  I am hoping to get with a plumber soon about this.

Fourth thing.  I will use the existing vanity.  This is a huge cost saver.  There will be some modifications and it will stay L-shaped but there will be a laundry storage added and the sink(s) will move to the same wall.  Now there will be plenty of counter space along the other wall.  I really want one sink with two faucets because of the size of the space but the sink I want is expensive and I am not sure if I want to splurge on it.  Two small sinks will fit but it will be a tight squeeze.  I like the idea of a solid sink.  Easy to clean and no weird gaps between the sinks.

The countertops will be callacatta oro and there will be a white subway tile backsplash.

White and marble mix.  I will not have a white vanity.

This is the sink I really want. It will be set on the countertop like a vessel sink instead of wall installation.  We have a weird size space for the sinks to be on the same wall so this 40" sink with two faucets is great solution.

Fifth thing.  The same luxury vinyl planks we used in the rest of the house will be used in the bathrooms.  I love our flooring and I love the look of wood in the bathroom.  It warms the space and keeps things from looking hard with too much tile.  The other deciding factors are it is cheaper than tile and faster to install.

My samples next to the flooring.

There are many more details that have been worked out but this post is long enough already.  Of course, things might change but as of right now, this is the plan.

Remember to check back tomorrow for some planning and budget tips.

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  1. Hi
    I'm considering LVT planks for my kitchen. Would you mind sharing what brand/style you went with?

    1. Hi Jody. We went with MetroFlor Konecto Engage in Woodland Oak and love it. You can see more pictures of it in my Kitchen Reveal.

  2. Your plan to not get a tub but a walk-in shower is both space saving and superb! Also, having a glass panel for a walk-in shower makes the space appear more spacious than it is. I would definitely love to see how it turns out. Good day!

    Lillian Jenkins @ EnterpriseGlass

  3. I also do not like built-in shower benches. It is much more convenient to have a portable stool. Still, practicality is above all.