Monday, January 26, 2015

Master Bath Demo Weekend

Demolition weekend was a success!  Blittle commented Sunday afternoon how smooth things went and I had to agree with him.  Things went great.  I am sure there will be a few bumps in the road as the renovation progresses, but so far, so good.

Friday afternoon, I pulled the carpet out and cleaned up the floor.  We knew there was a bit of water damage where the wall met the corner of the tub but it wasn't as bad I thought it would be.

I also cut a few holes in the shower wall to see where the water lines were.  I told y'all in the last post that the air conditioner had been sucking air from the shop into the house from the hole under the tub.  When I sawed the hole into the shower wall, the AC was on and it immediately sucked my hair into the hole!  So I filmed it.

The thought of living in this house for the last 18+ months with dirty air makes me feel gross and I possibly lost years off my life because of it.  Ew!

Saturday morning, we capped off the water lines and sawed the tub/shower unit into sections to make it easier to carry downstairs and to the road.  Everything went well.  Even the concrete base came up easily in one whole piece.

Remember the hole in the ceiling of the shop?

Well here is the view from the bathroom where the tub used to be.  

And the picture of the back of my tub/shower unit from my AC intake...

This is the view of the air intake from the bathroom.  To be to code and have more efficient AC/heating, we need to seal this off.

We cleaned up our mess and assessed the situation with the AC intake.

After some discussion we decided to just go to the home improvement store and see what our options were.  We bought insulation board (actually, a thermal sheathing meant for attics and walls but it got the job done) and metal duct tape.   The installation boards were easy to cut with a sharp razor blade which made things move fast.  After measuring and cutting, we screwed in boards to cover everything but the shared wall with the bathroom.

Then I had to block myself in!  The boards on the shared wall went on and I had to crawl through the 20"x 25" air intake hole to get in and out of the space.  It was a tight fit.

This is the only standing space I had after carefully crawling through.

It is now sealed all the way to the top!

This is the view in the bathroom.  

While at the store we priced getting a new AC intake grill (not even sure if that is what they are called) and decided to get a new one.  The old one had a broken lock and the air filter didn't fit well.  I had to bend and force them into the cubby and it shouldn't be that way.  It was worth the $36.  The new one is so clean and pretty compared to the old one.

Now, when the air turns on, it can not suck air from any place but the air intake so only indoor, filtered air is blowing through our house now.  Hopefully, it will help with our energy bill a little.

One more thing I did this weekend, ordered our shower base.

Once the tub was out and I could take better measurements, I found that the 36" x 60" base will fit.  Two inches wider than I previously thought and six inches wider than the original tub.

I have some furniture projects to work on this week so other than meeting with the plumber, I don't plan on doing too much in the bathroom until the base gets in.  This project is going to be done in stages.  The vanity, toilet area, flooring and paint will not be changed until the shower is finished.  One thing at a time.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. That’s true; just thinking about the dirt your AC unit might have sucked and circulated on your house, you can’t help but to think about the damage it may have done to your health. But now that it has been properly installed, you can finally have a peace of mind that you and your family can enjoy and breathe clean air from it. Anyway, there are still a lot of work to do on your house. I hope all is well with you guys!

    Will Merritt @ Patterson Heating & Air