Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Update - 01/30/15

Happy Friday.  Did everyone have a good week?

The weather has been AMAZING here.  For those of you dealing with all that snow, I am so sorry.  We were sunny and 75 (I love that song) everyday this week until today.  I am depressed that the high will only be 60 today and the wind is out of control.  The beautiful weather made me want to be outside and I made lots progress on my projects.

Here are a few weather pictures.  :)  The dogs and I had smoothie time every afternoon this week.


I am currently working on a dining room table.  The client wants it stained a chocolate brown.  Here are a few before shots.

I also am working on a dresser and crib for a nursery.


The plumber came by this week and I picked out our shower fixtures.  Now I am just waiting for the overall quote...little nervous about that.  We were going back and forth between a few shower set ups, and decided to keep it simple.  Y'all, shower fixtures are expensive!  Seriously.  We went with the simple plan and the shower fixtures are going to cost as much as tiles.

Here was my inspiration picture.  (We will not be using any of these colors, just the shower head arrangement.)

We will have a traditional, multi function shower head on the right and on the left there will be a rain shower head and a hand held.  This keeps it a little fancy as a multi shower head/two person shower but within budget and simple.

A while back, I talked about us trying to keep the costs down in this bathroom.  It is so easy to get sucked into what you want instead of what you need.  What you can afford and what you should afford.  Our goal is to finish all our indoor and outdoor updates and be able to sell for a profit that day.  No, we are not planning on selling right now or when we finish, but being upside down on your house is NEVER good.  I would love to live here a while after we do all this work and enjoy it but if the right house came on the market in our neighborhood, something farther down the canal on a larger lot, we would consider selling.


The kitchen was featured this week, TWICE!  Country Living Magazine featured it in a great article that was published on their website.  A few days later House Beautiful featured the same article.  It is still very surreal that my kitchen was on the homepages of these amazing sites.

See my kitchen on the bottom right?!

So crazy!

Have a great weekend and don't eat too much super bowl food!

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