Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Update ~ 09/04/2015

Somehow I have let two weeks go by with no updates or posts.  Things have busy and as you know, the blog is put on the back burner when work and life gets crazy.  I promise I am here, I am just working hard.  Instagram has become my favorite social media since it is quick and easy.  Be sure to follow me to get all the behind the scenes updates.


The bathroom is prepped and ready for the new countertop to be installed today!  I am so excited.  The backsplash, sink and faucets should be done in the next week or two.  Also, remember that the second sink was on the right?  Here is a pic.

The two drawers under that sink were dummy drawers.  Just drawers fronts attached to the front of the vanity.  I took those drawer fronts and built an actual drawer for them.  I stole drawer guides from the guest bath to use with the new drawers.  

The goal was try to finish by September but obviously that didn't happen so new goal is finish by November.


Furniture has been out of control!  It is such a blessing to have consistent work.  In August, I refinished the Ebony & Brass buffet and its matching china cabinet, painted the White & Brass dresser, painted two dressers navy, AND refinished a large dresser plus painted two end tables for my master bedroom.  Oh.  And I painted my bedroom a new color (remember it is getting a mini makeover).  Right now I am working on a large desk, sofa table and bed for a client and with all the rain this week I am behind schedule.  EEK!  Looks like I will be working this labor day weekend.

China Cabinet progress photos.  The reveal will be next week.

The dresser I refinished for our bedroom.  Reveal will be next week.

End tables I painted for our bedroom.  Their reveal will be soon.

Navy dresser progress.


The month is another busy one. Blittle's parents will possibly visit next week, the few last weekends of the month plus first weekend of October are booked with parties and weddings (all out of town), and there is a good chance I will be headed to Round Top the last week of September.  Plus, I still need to do a few things for my sailing class so I can enroll for the next round (hopefully take in October) and they have to be done on a Saturday.  

We are starting a new home project next week.  A while back I mentioned that we wanted to change our side yard to a rock patio area.  The equipment is getting delivered today and the guy will do the dig out work on Monday. I am a little nervous about this one.  Right now there is no real plan, budget or timeline (mostly because right now we don't much free time).  It should be cheap and easy but things don't always go as planned.  

The grass has never grown well in the area and it is a bit of wasted space.  We want to do a pebble/flagstone patio area with a large fire pit, more outdoor seating, and a dining area.  The grill will be moved over to this space as well as a smoker we want to build.  Most of those things will happen over time but the goal now is to get the patio area and fire pit done in time for oyster season.  Roasted and chargrilled oysters are on the menu for fall!

I hope everyone has a great holiday!  We will be laboring on this labor day weekend.  :)  

Next week I will posting some items available to purchase.  Mostly furniture and a few home decor items.  I have been purging through some things and now that most of our rooms are set up and decorated I need to get rid of the left overs.  Be sure to check my Facebook page and here to see what is for sale.

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