Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Master Bedroom Bed Side Tables

At the top of my "must have" list for the mini master makeover was more folded clothing storage.   The first step was getting a larger dresser which I shared last week.  Next step, bed side tables with storage.

These bed side tables are another great find by my mom.  She is my personal furniture shopper.  :) Thanks, Mom!

Not sure where she got these but they are great.  And weird.  The wood is not super smooth.  It has these strange indentions in it.  They are actually considered small dressers so there is tons of storage space.


I decided to paint them instead of stain to match the dresser.  Matchy, matchy is not a design tactic I practice.  The room is in need of a little pop of color so I went with a light blue that is in our bedding.   Its a pretty contrast with the navy and white curtains and the newly gray walls.  Also, there were some problems with the wood.  The top pieces of wood were coming unglued so all of that had to be glued, pressed and filled to create a smooth top.  Other than that, the dressers are in good condition.  The original hardware was painted a soft iron to coordinate with the new hardware of the large dresser.


It is nice to have a place to store more of my folded clothes and on Blittle's side, I have our extra bed sheets and pillow cases stowed away.  They turned out really pretty and are the perfect size for us.

The master bedroom mini makeover is almost done.  There is new bedding, bed side tables, dresser, curtains and wall color.  Now I need to get some decor and art on the walls as well as figure out what I want to do with the headboard.  Our current headboard was my first thing to build from scratch.  I built it for our New Orleans home and I do like it.  BUT when we moved to this house the headboard doesn't fit in between the two windows on the wall with the bed.  I built it oversized to compete with the 12-15ft tray ceilings and large wall in our NOLA bedroom.  It just isn't working for me here.  So do I sell the headboard and build or buy something else?  Do I keep it and just deal?  I haven't made up my mind yet.

The entire makeover will be revealed soon!  The bathroom, too!  We are so close to being done.  I can't wait!

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