Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Update ~ 06/05/2015

Hey, guys.  I am trying my best to get back on some kind of blogging schedule but I will admit, I forgot to write this update until this morning.  Haha.  At least I remembered last minute.  The past month has be really rough.  The last update I posted about Blittle and Jaxson was in my New Railing Inspiration post.

Blittle had surgery on the 15th.  The 10 days following were not easy for either of us.  Lots of sitting around and watching the non stop rain and flood coverage on TV.  Lots of sickness, tiredness, and moodiness from the meds.  Lots of waiting on him constantly since he couldn't walk.  We were both ready for him to get better.  He was finally able to go back to work on the 28th but still wasn't walking on his own and moving slow.  Over that following weekend, he was able to start putting weight on his foot and has been quickly getting better.  No more crutches!  He is able to walk as much as he wants with his orthotic boot on.  The stitches should come out next week and hopefully he will be able to start wearing a normal shoe again and be back to 100% soon.

We have also been dealing with Jaxson's injury.  He jumped from one of the top steps to the deck into the yard.  That is a good 8-10 foot drop.  I brought him to the vet the next day and was told to limit his activity and bring him back if there was no improvement.  Fast forward 3 weeks to last week.  The swelling and limp got worse.  We went back to the vet and he took x-rays to confirm no breaks.  He essentially has a sprang ankle and needs to be careful over the next few months or he is going to keep re-injuring it.  He is taking an anti inflammatory and we are trying to limit activity but it is hard....especially living on the second floor.  We try to make him use the elevator but he HATES it and dragging a 90 pound dog across the room into an elevator is not safe for anyone.  I have tried putting food in it.  Laying in it with his blankets.  Putting his favorite toys in it.  He won't even get close to it. (insert eye roll)  If the swelling and limp aren't better by Monday, the vet wants to put a splint/cast on his leg to restrict movement.  (insert another eye roll)  We are hoping he will improve more over the weekend so we can avoid anymore vet visits.

His swelling is on his right paw, left side of the "ankle".  Its a weird bump that won't go away.

There was another health scare this week. I want to ask that y'all say a few prayers for my dad and mom.  My dad had to have emergency surgery (in Germany) on Wednesday and is still in the hospital.  He should make a full recovery but they are having a rough week.  There is an infection involved so he will be on IV antibiotics for a few more days before they let him go home.

On to the next thing.  We have had lots of things going on the past month other than the health scares.    Both of us are stressed out and hoping that this too, shall pass and things will be better soon.  We are both hoping to have a little vacation soon to reboot and sleep.  :)

Master Bath 

Since I didn't have much alone or free time the week before our anniversary, the day of, I brought Blittle to Lowes to get his gift.  I pushed him around in a wheel chair and surprised him with a new grill.  Our old one was falling apart and days were numbered.  We got a gorgeous all stainless steel grill (more expensive but can handle the salt air) and it is wonderful!  I have used it several times already.

I got our new toilet for the master bathroom.  A few months ago, our old toilet started running water all the time.  There was a leak some where and we knew it was about to be replaced so we just stopped using it.  I turned the water off to it and we started using the guest bath.  This was only inconvenient in the middle of the night when I had to walk through our bedroom to the hall bath.  It felt so far away!  Anyway, I took out the old toilet, installed the new flooring in that space, and installed the new toilet.  By myself!  I love youtube!

The toilet area of our bathroom is fairly small so I went with a space saver model.  The elongated bowl is standard size but the over all size of the unit is almost 2 inches shorter than others.  That 2 inches makes a big difference.

I am currently waiting on the flooring I ordered over a month ago to get here so I can finish installing in the bathroom and closets.


I finished the large bedroom set and they will be going home soon!  They will have their own post next week.

Next on the list is this gorgeous french provincial set.

I will start some custom end and coffee tables this week too.  Lots and lots of work to do!

There are some positive things happening right now for me and Fisherman's Wife Furniture.  I am not quite ready to share them but will soon.  It is all exciting and I am looking forward to what this summer holds.

If you missed my How to Cut a Screw tutorial from earlier this week, check it out.  I never knew it was so easy!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend!  

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