Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Update ~ 06/12/2015

Another week has come and gone and things are starting to get back to normal around here.  Finally.


This week I started sanding on the two french provincial dressers.  Today, I hope to finish prepping for paint and maybe even get a coat of primer on them.  The hardware has been stripped and cleaned. Now I just need to polish to make them that gorgeous shiny brass.  :)


Not much happened in the bathroom this week.  I have been waiting on the rest of my flooring to get here.  It is almost a month late!!!!  It was finally delivered yesterday at 4:30pm and now I have to let it acclimate for 48 hours before I can start installing.  So I won't be able to finish the flooring until next week.


This week I did a one year update on the dock.  I love that space.  Click here to read about it.

My friend, Heather, lives down the street and she had a gorgeous vanity that needed some love.  She picked a bold turquoise paint and we polished the beautiful brass hardware to make a pretty combo.  Click here to read about it.


Blittle got his stitches out this week and is walking much better!  He still wears the orthopedic boot on that foot but I feel a normal shoe is in his near future.  Jaxson is still limping and his doctor has referred us to a specialist.  (SIGH)  This guy just can't get better.  I call today to set up an appointment.  Prayers are appreciated.

I hope every one has a great weekend.  We have 100% rain forecasted tomorrow according to which I feel that is a bold projection.  I think I would have said 90% just in case it doesn't rain.  Gives you some room for error.  Anyway, if you live in our area, be safe and stay dry.  There was some severe flooding here a few weeks ago and flash flooding is a risk for tomorrow.  Please be safe!  Turn around.  Don't drown.

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