Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Update ~ 06/19/2015

It is Friday.  I hope every one has a great weekend planned.  This girl will be working to make up for the weather delays that happened.


We had our first tropical storm experience at this house. But we kind of didn't.  Tropical storm Bill was on his way then stalled, then turned.  There was an influx in the tide on Tuesday (I am cautious to use the phrase storm surge since it was only a foot or so higher than normal) and we had some rain on Wednesday but thankfully, it was pretty much a non event.   We did spend the day at home in case the water started rising again and finished installing the floor in the bathroom.

Here is our dock at a normal tide.

This was Monday when the tide started to rise.  This is what some summer high tides look like.

And this was Tuesday.  Several inches over the dock and bulkhead and creeping into the yard.  Water and storms are amazing.  This was a small storm that hit 100 miles away and it did that much to the tide.

The rest of the week I played catch up with errands and other things on the to do list that I postponed because of the storm.


The French provincial dressers are primed and painted.  Now they will be glazed and clear coated.  This weekend I plan to start building some custom tables for a client.  I am really excited about building these end tables and coffee tables.  It's been a while since I have built something from scratch.


Yeah for progress!  The flooring is both closets and in the toilet area.  There was a bit of drama with the new flooring.  We are using the same flooring as the rest of the house but I didn't have enough left over to finish the bathroom so I had to order more.  It is the exact same company, brand and color but they have changed the product.  The new flooring does not work with the old flooring.  AHHH!  I was so mad.  I had already used the old flooring in the toilet area and in some of the main part of the bathroom.

So I made it work.  I do not like the changes in the product.  It feels more like a laminate and the texture is different.  It was much harder to cut and click together.  All I have left for this step is installing the quarter round trim then painting all the trim white.

Yes the tags are still on my rug.  Don't ask.

As for the rest of the bathroom, there is still much to do.  I drew on the wall this week where I want our vanity details to go.  Lights, mirror, faucets, sink and backsplash are are marked.


My DIY Lantern.

And I shared my current kitchen and dining room crush.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine will be super busy with work.  Next week my parents are moving back to the states from Germany and I have a few fun meetings.  I can't wait to share some of my exciting news.

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