Monday, May 18, 2015

New Railing Inspiration

The past few weeks have been rough.  Things could definitely be much worse but overall, they have been the most stressful in a really long time.

Friday a week ago, while I was at a friend's house down the street, Blittle called and said Jaxson jumped from the top steps into the yard.  My heart stopped.  That is about a ten foot drop.  Jaxson is 10 years old and has arthritis problems.  I knew he wasn't going to be okay.  Blittle said he was hurt and to get home.  My friend drove me home and as soon as I was in the yard, he hobbled over and put his head into my chest.  I knew he was hurting.

Once in the house, I looked all over him.  I rubbed, squeezed, and pulled to see if anything was tender or bulging.  Nothing seemed broken so I just laid on the floor with him so he would calm down and rest.  The next day we noticed his right leg was swollen so I took him to the vet.  No breaks.  Just a sprang and some sore muscles.  It has been over a week and he is still limping but definitely improving.  We put up a temporary fix (plastic garden fencing) for the railing until we can replace it.

Replacing the railing has always been on the list since we moved in two years ago.  We know its not to code.  It was on our to-do list for this summer along with replacing the stairs and painting the deck but now it is on the immediate to-do list.

The plan is to make it match the fence.  We love the cattle panel look and it is so cheap!  Its also easy to see thru and doesn't obstruct our view like a wood railing would.  One concern with this project is our existing pillars.  They are ugly and rough.  My other concern is combination of colors.  I DO NOT want to paint the railing but my pillars are already painted.  We might cover them with new wood so they are smooth and can be stained.  If we don't cover them, I am not sure what I am going to do.

  Here are a few of my inspiration pics.

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Also, over the past week, Blittle got an infection in his foot.  He had a ganglion cyst and the cyst got infected.  We were supposed to fly to Germany Friday morning.  Things went down hill fast with the foot and instead, we were at the hospital for his surgery.  This weekend was pretty rough trying to get over missing the trip and with Blittle recovering from surgery.  He has been in pain and it is hard to watch.   I let myself have a 72 hour pity party and now I am moving on.  I am back to my normal lets get things done, glass half full self.

Having said that, I will admit that I need some of this in my life.  STAT.

The Caribbean is always calling my name but today I feel like it is screaming it. :)

Hopefully we can take a short trip when he gets better to a quiet gorgeous beach where I can relax and enjoy the scenery.  Sit around and do nothing.  That's what we both need right now.  He has been stressed out with work, didn't get to go to Europe and had to have surgery.  The guy has had a really rough week.  Prayers are appreciated.  He is still having some rough recovery days.  

When I am not taking care of him, I plan to get ahead on furniture and to make big progress in the bathroom.  The flooring will be in this week and our lighting has been delivered. I should have time to finish the vanity and get the countertop ordered.  There are lots of little things left to do but I feel we are on the downhill and should get it done soon!

Have a great Monday.

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  1. Kaylor,

    I am so sorry to hear about Jaxson's fall and Blittle's surgery. I have been watching for an update hoping and praying for good news that
    all are on the road to recovery. Hope all is better for them and you soon.