Monday, April 13, 2015

iPhone Camera Lenses

Happy Monday, every one!  I hope it was a great weekend.  These past few months have been extremely busy and time is flying by.  How is it mid April already?  The bathroom project is still dragging on and I have been working on furniture jobs and making final plans for the trip.  And if I am being totally honest, I have been a little burned out lately.  Just tired and sluggish and unmotivated.  I think I am pulling out of it and have a productive week planned.

I have mentioned our trip several times but have yet to give the details.  At the end of this post, I will tell you about where we are going but first I want to tell you about these cool camera lenses I have  been using.  They are tiny and will fit in my cross body bag easily.  Plus they are extremely affordable.

With all the touring and moving around we will be doing on the trip, I do not want to carry a huge camera around but want to have something better than my normal iPhone camera.  I did some research on the best apps and lenses and ended up ordering this set of iPhone lenses from and love them.  The app I have been using is the ProCamera app.  It automatically does HDR which I like and it also has a night option that gets great pictures in low light.  Maybe y'all haven't noticed my improved pictures on Instagram but I have.  I am no professional but there has definitely been some changes for the better lately.

The only downside is there is a special case that you have to put your phone in.  I have always had a heavy duty case to protect it so I was a little apprehensive at first to have such a light cover on the phone.  I actually like it better than the huge case but I am a little more careful to not drop it.

The lenses just screw on to the iPhone case and then screw off.  That easy.  They are light weight and come with covers as well as the pouch. Perfect for travel.  Honestly, just using the ProCamera app instantly improved my pictures but I love the wide angle lens for taking shot of long dressers or getting a full wall into view in a small room.  I think that is the one I'll use the most.  The portrait zoom lens is nice for up close shots and the fisheye is just fun.

Here are a few examples of pictures using the ProCamera app with the lenses.  No other editing has been done.  They are all taken at the same time of day from the exact same spot.

First picture is just using the ProCamera app, no lens.  Second picture is using the app with a lens.

This set is no lens, then the wide angle lens.

This set is no lens, then the fisheye lens.

This set is no lens, then the portrait 1.5x lens.

Here are some of Sabine.  She wouldn't lay completely still but same concept as the dock.  Same time and same place.  Just different lenses.

This set is no lens, then the wide angle lens.

This set is no lens, then the fisheye lens.

This set is no lens, then the portrait 1.5x lens.

So obviously, this app and these lenses are not going to replace a DLSR camera but for those of us that don't want to invest the money into one or the time it takes to learn, this is a great option.  In combination with some of the better editing apps, some pictures can be impressive.

So on to the trip.

As y'all know, my parents moved to Germany last year for my dad's job.  Germany has been some place my brother and I have always planned to visit since we are from German heritage.  It is a place we always wanted to visit together and now it is happening! Bonus of taking this trip now, our spouses will be with us and part of our time there will be spent with our parents and exploring their new home.

We will be gone for 15 days.  I am not going to lie...I have anxiety about leaving the dogs for that long.  Thankfully we have a great house sitter that spends the night with them and great friends that are willing to come over during the day.  Also, we installed some cameras in the house so we can watch them from our phones or a computer.  Yes, we have become those people.  :)

Anyway, we are flying to Frankfurt to stay with our parents in Mannheim then my brother, SIL, husband and I will head to Munich.  From there my brother and SIL are going to explore Austria and other parts of Germany on their own and Blittle and I are going to France.  We will be staying in a country side B&B in Normandy then we will be in Paris.  Here are a few of the things planned:

  • Castles and other cool landmarks with my parents
  • Food tour in Munich
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Museums and varies other Munich activities
  • D-Day Beaches
  • Mont Saint Michel and/or Etretat
  • Caen, Bayeux, Honfleur and other coastal towns
  • Walking around Paris
  • Bicycle tour of Paris
  • Eat good food

If y'all have any tips or off the beaten path places we must see, let me know.

The camera lenses and case:  

 photo Signature_zps5473e161.png
 photo googleplustitanium_zps7c045137.png  photo rsstitanium_zps86d5562c.png  photo emailtitanium_zpsf8419ff0.png


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