Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Update ~ 07/10/2015

Y'all know when the blog gets quiet it means I am super busy.  The past two weeks have been exhausting but I have gotten so much done.


I built custom end tables and a coffee table for a client.  They turned out great.  I will be doing an entire post on them soon but here is a quick pic of the coffee table in its new home looking gorgeous.

The french provincial dressers are painted, the handles polished and are going home today!  Here is their before.

I have taken a break from furniture this week to get things done in my bathroom.


So not much has happened in here.  I have decided which way to install my lights (they can be facing up or down) and sink location, etc has been determined but that is it.  My goal for next week is to get the vanity finished.  The body needs another coat of color and clear coat.  The drawers and doors need priming, paint and clear coat.  Also, the location of the sink is going to mess up one of the current drawers.  The drain location is right on the edge of the drawer so it will have to be cut out.   Luckily, the two fake drawers that were under the previous second sink can now become real drawers so we are actually gaining a drawer.....I just need to build them.  They were just drawer fronts before so I need to build an actual drawer for the front and put drawer guides in the vanity body.


This is where things have been crazy the past few weeks.

My parents moved back to the states!  After a year in Germany, my Dad's job finished and they are back here getting settled.  I took a few days off to pick them up from the airport and spend time with them.

Jaxson went to the doggie bone specialist.  He was diagnosed with carpal hyperextension syndrome.  Long story short, his wrist bent too far when he landed from his crazy jump and pulled/stretched all the ligaments so now his wrist bends too far when he walks.  That's what causes him pain and the limp.  His limp has gotten much better and is almost gone.  The doctor said dogs rarely fully recover on their own and recommended surgery.  The other option is Jaxson wearing a brace that will keep his wrist from bending back too far.

The doctor said to keep a record of how Jaxson was behaving and if he had more good days than bad, the brace might be an option for him.  It is a horrible position to be in really.  The cost of surgery is not cheap.  He is 11.  Recovery is brutal (kenneled for 8 weeks, leashed while outside, cast and pins, lots of doctors appointments and pain meds).  At his age, we are not sure if surgery is the best option. But at the same time, he could be in more pain than he lets on and the brace might mask it even more.  His limp has improved and is not even noticeable some days.  We are thinking that we will try the brace first.  See how he does with it and that he can accept it (Sometimes dogs chew them off or freak out).  Has anyone had a dog with this type of injury?  The doctor said its one of the most common in large dogs.

Y'all, I love that sweet face (both of them).  I hate that he can't tell me if he hurts and how much.

Another event that happened was a photo shoot!  Fisherman's Wife Furniture and I are being featured in Coast Monthly magazine in the next few months.  I'll let you know when I know what month but if you are local (Houston/Galveston) keep an eye out for me.  :)

I don't know if y'all remember back to the office reveal in January, but at that time, I mentioned we had a second business and secret we were working on.  Well, I can finally tell you a tiny bit about that.  We started a boat company!  One of Blittle's dreams, and mine too, is to design and build boats.  Most of you know he designed and we built our boat but I am talking about manufacturing to sell.  The first boat is finished and the second one will start soon.  What makes these skiffs special, is they are made from aluminum instead of fiber glass.

We will be launching the website and other social medias soon but for now, this is all I can tell you.  I promise there will be many more details to come.

So when y'all are wondering why I haven't posted much and don't seem to be working on furniture, its because I am busy with boat stuff and can't tell you.  We are really excited about this new adventure and can't wait to see where it takes us.

And finally, we have scheduled a last minute vacation.  It is a break we both need and we are super excited about getting away!  We had to get some passport issues worked out this week and some other last minute things.  Can't wait to see a new island, have a sailboat adventure and relax.   FYI:  If your passport is within 6 months of the expiration date, GO GET IT RENEWED!!!!!!  Most countries do not like you traveling to them if your passport is about to expire.  Its silly.  I feel like it is valid until its not but that is not how others feel.  The country we are going to requires at least 90 days of validity to travel.  Well we booked less than 14 days from travel and Blittle's passport expires July 31st.  I had a small freak out moment and some heart palpitations but it has been worked out and the new passport is ready today.  Luckily we live super close to a passport office.  :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Keep up with me and what I am doing on Instagram.  It is my favorite social media and I try to post things daily.

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