Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Update ~ 07/17/2015

So I really have nothing to share with you this week.  Hahaha.  I did a lot.  There just isn't much to show for it.


I cleaned it.  And used it.  That's all that happened in there.  No progress this week.


The french provincial dressers were delivered to their new home.  Once they completely cure and she decorates, I'll do a blog post. Here is a quick pic of one.  I love the white and brass.


This past weekend I did something I have been talking about for years.  I took a sailing class!  Growing up on the coast and in a family with a marine business and that likes to fish, I have been on many boats.  All shapes and sizes.  But I have never been on a sailboat.  It is not something people can really do on Sabine Lake because it is so shallow and none of my friends' families were into it so I never had an opportunity.  

When we started traveling to the Caribbean, we met many people that lived and/or traveled on their own boats.  It intrigued me.  Crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat?!?!  That's crazy.  But so many of them have done it.  They spend their days exploring islands and visiting beaches and cities all over the world.  MY DREAM!

When we moved to New Orleans, we lived across the street from a marina on Lake Pontchartrain and the yacht club.  Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, they had sailboat races.  I loved seeing them while I ran along the lake.  I started saying I wanted to learn how to sail.

Then we moved to the Galveston area.  Sailing is fairly popular here.  Kemah and Galveston have lots of sailboats and clubs.  Something lit a fire in me about it and I signed up for my first sailing course.  It was two full days of jamming knowledge in my head and constant repetition on the boat.  I honestly did not believe I would learn so much in such a short amount of time but I did.  I loved it!

I am going to join a local sailing club to get some more experience on different types of boats with people who know what they are doing.  :)  In a few months, I plan on taking the next two courses which is are combined and include 3 days on a boat, sleeping on the boat and taking it out into open water.  

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  It is supposed to be sunny and hot all week here.  We have been in a sunny and hot pattern the past few weeks and I love it.  Summer is my favorite.

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