Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Update - 02/27/2015

Super short update.

Y'all.  Praise him, I am done tiling.  About 2, 948 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders.  If I wasn't such a freak about details and perfection, it would have gone much faster but I am type A all the way.  (I think that could be a shirt.)  At one point this week, there was a mountain of clean clothes laying in the hallway for days.  My floors were filthy (Those of you who know me personally know I can't stand dirty floors).  We ate out more in the past two weeks than we have in two months.  I was a bit of a mess BUT in the grand scheme, it is worth it and temporary.


I have a gorgeous bedroom set in the paint booth right now.  It is an off white going to white.


Tiling is done and now I am on to grout.  I tested two light gray grout colors on trash tile.  Never trust the store display.  NEVER.

I am going with Platinum by Polyblend from Home Depot.  Answer me this....why do they have certain grout colors and then not provide the same caulk color?!?!?!  The grout carried by Lowes and Home Depot both do this.  They only carry a few caulk colors so I had to find the matching caulk online and ordered it yesterday.

I haven't talked much about the budget so here is a quick update.  Money planning started back in September and I initially set the budget at $6,500 and things were looking to cost more like $8000.  I went back to the design stage and changed some things. I considered getting it down to $5,000 and it was possible but there were a few luxuries we were not willing to give up so I am staying with the original $6,500.  As long as we don't have any major problems come up, I will be able to stick to it.  That cost is not including fixing the AC intake that we did when the project started or the costs for reorganizing and building stuff for my closet which will happen after.

Here are the cost for the shower as of today.

The only big expense left on the shower project is the door.  I am still debating on us trying to install ourselves or call a professional.  Doors are heavy.  Being level is a must.  My pretty new tile will have to be drilled.  It all makes me nervous and have sweaty palms.  Having said that, hiring someone is probably out of the budget.  So we could buy the door and install ourselves or pay someone to do it and cut costs somewhere else.  Not sure where those cuts could come from so I am thinking we will DIY it.

I hope everyone has a great week.  I promise to post pictures of the tile next week.  I need a few days to rest, catch up on furniture work, and to clean my house.  :)

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