Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Update - 02/20/2015

And it is Friday again.  This week was extremely productive and I am looking forward to doing my tile work today!


The baby furniture is done and will go home tomorrow.  I really like the color the client chose for their baby boy nursery.  The big bedroom set has a few pieces prepped for paint and will be put in the paint booth when the nursery furniture is picked up.


The shower is ready for tile, y'all!  Last weekend was crazy busy with picking my mom up from the airport Friday night, then taking her to her house (about 2 hours away from where we live) on Saturday.  We stayed around on Saturday to visit my grandmother and my brother and his wife. Our only day to work was Sunday afternoon so we worked hard to get all the backer board installed.  It is definitely a two person job.  I tried to do some of it last Thursday by myself and I injured my hip a little.  Not fun.   I am glad we were able to get it done before Blittle went back to work.

During the week, I taped and filled all the backboard seams and I had to do some work where the backer board meets the drywall.  There was a height difference and a seam.  Then I waterproofed everything.  Monday I am going to post details about shower prep.  Its not really a tutorial (kind of is, kind of isn't) but it is the steps we took for our shower.  I'll also include links to the videos I watched and found really helpful.

I am hoping to get a lot of tiling done today.  I tried to get the first row done last night and I had some issues.   Today, I am going to try a method I saw on one of the videos to see if that is successful.  Cross you fingers and wish me luck!


I have a skin cancer PSA (Public Service Announcement).  Three weeks ago on Monday, I went to the dermatologist about a bump/beauty mark/thing on my nose.

See it on the right side?  It is flesh colored and looks very innocent.

It showed up late 2007/early 2008.  Yes, that long ago.  It had all characteristics of a pimple when it started growing but then it never went away.  Many, many, many times I have mentioned that I wanted to get it cut off and people kept saying that the doctor won't cut it off because it will leave a scar so I never went in.  Fast forward to January 2015 and the bump started to hurt a little and it got bigger.  I finally called the doctor.

An intern came in before the doctor to look at me.  She asked the generic questions, looked at it, and within a few minutes was done.  As she was leaving she said it looked like a basal cell and he would probably remove it.  I had no idea what that was so I didn't worry but I was excited about the removal part.  Then the doctor came in.  Same thing.  Asked questions, touched it, looked through his special magnifying glass, etc and within a few minutes of walking in the room he said it looked like a basal cell CARCINOMA.  I know that word.  Cancer.  He said it is rare to get a bump that young (I was 26 in 2008) but it can happen.  It had all the characteristics of basal cell carcinoma but I had never heard of it.  All these years I have been worried about my dark spots and knowing the ABCDEs looking for warning signs.  I live on the coast, I vacation at the beach and I love being outdoors.  Skin cancer is a risk for me.    Never did I think the flesh colored bump was dangerous.

Something that has bothered me over the past few weeks is not one person that I have come in contact with over the past 7 years ever mentioned that my bump looked like a basal cell or that I should go to the doctor about it.  Not one.  Not even doctors I have seen over that time.  Are there that many people out there that don't know about basal cell carcinoma either?  Or do people just not want to comment on a bump on someone's face?

I had something that looked exactly like cancer GROWING ON MY FACE and no one said anything and I was clueless.  That is scary y'all.  I felt so stupid and I hate that feeling.

So to make a long story longer, he took it off right then in the office.  After he removed it, he said it looked very fibrous, which is not a characteristic of basal cell (per his words), and that it might have just been a growth.  It was sent off for biopsy and at the end of the week he called to tell me it was negative for cancer and that it was a rare kind of tumor/growth.  RELEIF!

Basal cells are very common and do not usually spread but it was good to know I am not showing signs of skin cancer yet.  Hopefully, the growth is a one time thing and I won't have anymore pop up. If I do get a new one, I will be going to the doctor immediately.

Moral of this story: GO GET YOUR SPOTS CHECKED OUT.  Flesh colored and dark spots.  All of them.  Read about the ABCDEs and read about basal cell carcinoma.  If there is any question, go to the doctor. has tons of info.

I will be telling everyone I know.  If you have a flesh colored bump, I might tell you to go to the doctor.  Don't be offended.  I am worried about you.

My spot is almost completely healed and does not look like it is going to scar.  I have followed my doctors directions and have kept it covered and clean.  Yes, I have had a band aid on my face for 3 weeks.  I am looking forward to not wearing a band aid and not seeing a bump.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  If you want to see tile progress over the weekend, follow me on Instagram!

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  1. I'm glad you went in and got it checked out, and all is going good now.

    I have a flesh colored one on my forehead, but it's been there for years. I better go get it looked at.