Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Master Bathroom Inspiration

Hi y'all!  I hope everyone had an great labor day.  The storm in the gulf kept it super rainy and gloomy around here.  Saturday and Sunday I allowed myself to be extremely lazy and it felt amazing.  Monday, the sun was out so we work around the house and spent a lot of time outside.

With being lazy this weekend and spending so much time inside, I finally started planning for our master bathroom makeover.  This space is a challenge for me and I can't seem to get inspired.  I hate the L-shaped vanity.  The closets are small.  There is not enough room to have a large soaking tub or whirlpool AND a shower.  It must be a combo which for a tall girl like me, I might as well not have a standard tub because I don't really fit.

After tons, of discussion we have decided to leave the footprint as is and just give everything a facelift.  The L-shaped vanity is a pretty easy fix.  The closets need custom built-ins and organizers but after that will be more functional than they are now.  The tub/shower combo is still a problem.

I can't make up my mind.  The plan has been to get rid of the tub and do a large, walk-in, multi-shower head, steam shower.  Problem with that is there will no longer be a bathtub in the house.  Our guest bath does not have one and we have decided to leave that footprint the same as well, so we won't be adding one.  Not having a tub doesn't bother us.  We had a huge, whirlpool tub in New Orleans and barely used it but for resale and to appeal to buyers, I don't know if getting rid of the tub is the best decision.  Our realtor says the big shower is going to appeal some buyers and a tub is going to appeal to others and to just do what we want.

Well I still haven't decided so I am pricing and planning for both.  We are about 5 months away from when we want to start working on it so planning and saving starts now.  Here are some inspirational pictures I found.  Most of these represent ideas and concepts I like.  Color and materials are yet to be determined.

Credit Designs in Glass

Credit Pinterest

Credit A La Mode

Credit The Sunny Side Up Blog
Credit This Old House

Credit Pinterest
Credit Decor Pad

Credit Better Homes and Gardens

I have started pricing tiles and trying to decide on a color scheme.  I want the bathrooms to tie in with the rest of the house and be a good mix of coastal, vintage and neutral.  Before, I was sure I wanted to extend the luxury vinyl wood planks into the bathrooms but now, I don't know.  I am going to price for tile flooring and vinyl that looks like tile.  Wood in the bathroom gives a spa feel which I love but I am going to consider tile as well.  The other thing I go back and forth about is, glass door or shower curtain.  I HATE shower curtains but glass doors are expensive and hard to keep clean.  Then do I do a half enclosure or full.  Many of the ideas for the master bath will be used in our guest bath as well.

So many things to decide and to consider.  I am going to draw up my plan today and tomorrow and will share later this week.

Tomorrow I am going to show you my master bathroom as it is now.  I have never posted pictures of it but y'all know from comments that it has carpet and seashell sinks.  It's bad.  Real bad.  Get ready for a time warp back to 1985.

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