Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Dock Progress - Part 4

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I hope things are going well for all of you.

Personally, I have had one of those weeks.  My phone died on Sunday and I was without for a few days.  It decided to go for a short swim, which it did recover from, but then the charging port broke.  The Apple store opened the phone and saw the water damage and the port problem and said it would be cheaper to go new.  Blah.  I finally got a new phone yesterday and I must say, I love technology.  Especially iCloud.  So grateful for iCloud and automated back ups.  Within a few minutes my new phone was exactly like my old one!

So other than the phone incident, this weekend was full of dock work.  Again.  We ran water and the electrical conduit as well as laid almost all the decking!  Here are some pictures of our progress

We have running water!  A hose will go here to wash the boat and wash off the deck.  We also ran water to where the fish cleaning table will be.

Our sweet neighbor is letting us hang our boat in his boathouse until we get our lift in.  :)

I love it.  It feels so big!  At one point I was thinking maybe too big but I know once furniture, plants, boat, and cleaning table are out there, space will go fast.

I was hoping to finish the decking today, but the weather is really gross and rainy right now.  Also, the professional photographer is coming tomorrow!!!!  I am trying to finish cleaning and staging the kitchen/dining area today.  I am so excited.  In a few weeks, I will have updated photos of the kitchen to show y'all as well as finally reveal the dining room!

This weekend we are going to relax a little and slow down.  We are so tired.  Blittle is going fishing  and I am going to work on cleaning and staining the fence.  The decking will be done Friday but I can't stain it until it dries out a little.  It will be a few months before we get the boat lift so as of Friday, the deck will be done for now!

Just a reminder:  The magazine comes out in a few weeks!!!!  Ahhh!  I still can't believe.  The closer it gets, the more nervous and excited I get.  I have no idea what they wrote or what the page is going to look like!  I can't wait to see it.

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