Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Family Photos - Galveston 2014

Hi all.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Today, I want to share something personal.  A few weeks ago, we had family photos taken.  BLittle and I have not had professional pictures taken since 2010.  It was time.

I researched photographers for the Houston/Galveston area and found Ever and Anon.  Jessica does a lot of engagements, bridals and weddings but will also do couples sessions.  I LOVE HER WORK.  She was willing to work with the dogs (which potentially could have been a train wreck) and drive to the beach so I booked a session with her.

I was recovering from being sick, the wind picked up that afternoon, Blittle and I are not the most photogenic people, and we had the dogs.  Needless to say, I had no idea how we were going to get any good pictures.  Jessica was able to get several beautiful shots of us.  Now is the hard part....deciding which one to put on canvas to hang in the dining area.  :)

Please go check out Ever and Anon's website and like her Facebook page.  We do not do justice to her work.  You have to see the beautiful pictures she captures.  GORGEOUS!  If you live in the Houston/Galveston area and are getting married soon or are a couple needing some updated photos, I highly recommend Ever and Anon.

My favorite photos:

And some bloopers:

"Jessica, are you walking with us?"

"Woohoo, I am so excited your walking with us!"

Finally, got to play in the water.  

Sabine's face is hilarious.   "Are we done yet?"

"I know I am supposed to look at the beach, but I'd rather see what Jessica is doing?"

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  1. These are just beautiful, and I love the bloopers too!