Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Update ~10/23/2015

I am here! I promise!  Things have gone quiet on the blog and much of my social media.  Just not feeling it lately plus I have been unbelievably busy.  This post started last Thursday and was supposed to be finished for Friday but I couldn't make it happen.  Even my friends were starting to wonder.  We see each other every few days usually (we all live less than a mile or two from each other) and I didn't see them for over a week.  I refuse to complain because I am so grateful for all the work but not going to lie...I am tired.

The past three weeks have been extremely productive even if the blog wasn't updated!  We went out of town for a wedding, finished the fire pit area, I hung the shelves in the bathroom (LOVE THEM), rearranged our living room layout, bought new chairs, finished/started several FWF projects, cleaned and reorganized the shop, my parents came over one evening, my mom visited a day, and Blittle's parents visited several days.  And those are the highlights.

A quick pic of us looking like fancy adults at the wedding.


I do not have pictures of the bathroom shelves.  For now on, no more bathroom pictures.  The kitchen I kept mostly hidden and only showed certain parts until it was finished.  The final result, for the most part, was a surprise. The bathroom has been blogged about a lot and the surprise factor is out.  Now that we are down to the finishing touches, I want to wait until it is complete to post more pictures.  There needs to be a few unknown things for the big reveal.  :)


The actual construction part of the fire pit and side yard is complete. I built some benches last weekend and we hung patio lights.  I still need to decorate to make it feel "homey" and set up the cooking area.  Blittle wants to build a smoker as well.  Still lots to do but we can enjoy the space while it is in progress.


These chairs went home.

I will get after pictures later.  They are now a gorgeous blue and covered with new fabric.

This vanity is finished.

Again, I'll get photos of it in it's new home next week.

I built this cool out door table out of an old fence gate and legs the owner got from the Galveston Historic Foundation Store.

Now I am working on our entertainment center.  My mom bought it and wants it navy.  The table to the dining set she bought will get its makeover next week and I have two end tables to refurbish.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It is supposed to rain A LOT here over the next few days because of Hurricane Patricia (No, it is not hitting us but the rain will make its way to Texas).  The weather person is saying 100% chance over the weekend.  Pretty sure its going to rain.

Hopefully with all the rain, I can get my blog posts for the furniture before and afters done today or this weekend.  There will be a post about the fire pit are and the benches I built soon, too.  Another goal is to get all the quarter round installed in the bathroom and start painting the trim.

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