Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Update ~ 08/14/2015

Do y'all ever have weeks when you just can't get in the grove and be productive?  I had two of those in a row.  Yuck.  Then all of a sudden this week, I was on.  I mean, really on.  Things got done this week and it felt good.  I had help mom worked with me two days this week.  Having two set of hands working really makes a difference.  :)


Many of you know that my parents have been living in Germany the past year.  Now that they are back in the States, my mom is trying to get some projects done.  She has been using a mix of furniture for years and now she is wanting refinish or paint the pieces she likes, and replace the pieces she doesn't love.  I mentioned I had a dining set in my storage unit and things snowballed from there. This week the buffet was stripped, sanded, prepped for new stain, stained, and clear coated!  It is drying today so tomorrow I'll put the pulls and doors back on.  Here is a sneak peek:

Gorgeous.  The Minwax Ebony stain is a great match for the mahogany (anybody else think about Hunger Games when they say that word? )

Another project for my mom is this cute dresser.

She found it at a store for a great price.  The paint color and quality was horrible but the piece is solid wood and in overall good shape.  We sanded off all the old gross paint.  I painted the dresser and the hardware.  The legs were plastic and not very sturdy so I replaced them with solid wood legs that screw into small braces added to the bottom of the dresser.  Here is a sneak peek:

Final looks will be posted next week.

My mom and I also worked on a dresser for me this week.  I have mentioned several times that I am giving our master bedroom a mini makeover.  The furniture in that room were pieces that I had at the time (free) and could work for what I needed.  Now I am moving the "make do" pieces out and bringing in pieces that I love and will meet our needs better.  First up is a new dresser.  We have small closets and there is not any room to have shelving for folded clothes.  The dresser we currently have in the room is not big enough at all.  I have been on the hunt for a 70+ inch dresser for some time and my mom found a great one a few weeks ago.

Does it look familiar?  What about now?

Yep.  It is exactly like my grandparents' old dresser that we now use as a coffee bar.  I am so glad I have good pictures now of what it looked like before.  When I did the coffee bar makeover I had just started updating furniture and experimenting with finishes.  It was not about a job and Fisherman's Wife Furniture was not even an idea yet.  It was just me needing furniture on a budget.  So before pictures were not that important to me.  Looking back, that was stupid.  Anyway, the coffee bar has always been a piece I wish I had great before pics since it was such a dramatic transformation.  Now I have some!

This piece was strip, sanded and stained this week as well.  I am doing a new finish (kind of experimenting).  Hopefully it will turn out.  :)  More on that next week.

Thanks again to my mom for helping me two days this week in the brutal heat.  Now to do it all again next week on a china cabinet and another buffet.  AHH!


Last week the countertops were ordered and on Tuesday they will be here to measure.  Next weekend I am hoping to get the quarter round installed so I can be finished with the floors and can paint all the trim.  When the countertops go in things should move pretty fast.  The sink, faucets, mirror, lights and backsplash are already purchased and here.  I just need the countertops done to get all those things installed.


I don't have much for this category today since I worked my butt off this week and my body is exhausted. There was no time for extra stuff...unless you count the two unplanned naps that happened.  Don't judge.  That Texas sun is intense right now and apparently my body was needing a few breaks.   Today, I am taking the day off to hang out with my brother and sister in law.  :)

Have a great weekend and stay cool everyone!  Follow me on Instagram to see what I am doing behind the scenes.  

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