Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Update ~ 3/27/2015

Hi all.  Last Friday, I talked about installing our fixtures and actually being able to shower in the shower.  We got the fixtures installed...but we are not using the shower.

First let's start with the fixtures.

They are installed and we have fixed any leaks that we could find.  I am working on tutorials for taking the pressure control gauge out of the fixture and tips & tricks for installation.  Look for them next week.  Here is what the bathroom looks like now.  (No my walls are not curved.  I used a wide angle lens so there is some curving in the picture....and sorry for the bad lighting)

I love it.  Everything is coming together!  We still need to install the arm/holder for the hand held shower head.

So we turned on the water.  Things were great.  I was so excited.  Then I realized the water on the left side was not getting hot.  I tried it through the rain shower and the hand held.  Freezing cold.  The right side was hot and normal.  Left side still cold.  Blah.

We went downstairs to look at the plumbing (remember we live on the second floor and all of our plumbing is exposed in the ceiling of the garage.)  After some looking around, Blittle found the problem.  There are two pipes running up into the house labeled "H" and "C".  The problem is they are both connected to the same line.  The cold water line.  Annoyed doesn't even start describe how I felt.

I mentioned very briefly before that we had problems with the plumber.  Y'all, I hired a plumber for work because it was important that the job be done quickly and correctly.  I got neither from this company.  And now they are not answering the phone or calling me back.  We are probably going to fix it ourselves on Sunday.

Even though we had this little bump in the road, so far, things really have gone smoothly.

There are several DIY tutorials that I hope to post over the next few weeks.  The vanity makeover will start soon and hopefully we will be using the shower next week!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kaylor, What a disappoint, but one I am sure you will overcome. Consider it one of those bumps in the road. You have done a beautiful job with your tiling and with the kitchen and the dock and everything you have done. Love the skiff boat bed! You are in inspiration and your detailed updates and tutorials have been very educational. I have been wanting to update my bathroom. Not to the extent you have, but replace old tiles, new vanity countertop with a vessel sink. I keep looking and reading and still haven't done anything to move it forward. One of these days...

  2. Even though you can still not shower in your shower it looks nice. Hopefully you can get the problem fixed on your own, so you guys are able to shower. I really enjoy your posts and I am looking forward to reading more. Also, what a bad plumbing company that was to just ignore your phone calls, especially after not doing the job right.

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing