Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Update ~ 03/20/2015

So I fell off the Friday Update band wagon for a few weeks.  Sorry, guys.  It happens.  If you follow me on Instagram (you should if you don't!), you know the past few weeks have been filled with nights at the rodeo, updating the blog (y'all know technology hates me), and working on projects other than the bathroom.  Plus, I took several days off to be with my mom while she was visiting from Germany and spend some time with my best friend while her kids were on spring break.


We have stalled a little in the bathroom.  My goal for this project is to stay on budget and to not stress out too much.  Since we have another bathroom in the house, having this one all messed up isn't that big of a deal.  Other things have taken up my time and energy so the bathroom has been on the back burner for the last few weeks.  Tonight we plan on installing the rest of the fixtures and hopefully we can use the new shower this weekend!

Tile and grout done.

The grout was also sealed.  There will be a tutorial later.

I painted yesterday and tomorrow, we hope to take down the huge mirrors and maybe the countertop. My gut tells me there are things hiding behind those mirrors.  I am confident they didn't texture behind them and there might be some other problems hiding.  Fingers crossed it isn't as bad as I think it is.

The new wall color is Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore.


I finished up and delivered the large bedroom set I painted white.  The past few weeks have been horrible with all the rain and things were delayed.  Right now there is no furniture in the booth which is kind of nice.  I can focus on the bathroom and working out the last details of our trip.


We are less than two months away from our trip to Europe and there are tons of little details that need to be worked out before we go.  Trip planning is extremely time consuming.  There is so much information to take in and consider for each city and country.  I only have a few more things to work out and then we are set.  Next week, I'll try to post a few things about the trip.  I would love any suggestions and recommendations from y'all about what to see and where to eat.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It is suppose to rain this afternoon and all day tomorrow here. My goal is to get the shower done, get my nails done (my cuticles hate me right now), and go shopping with Blittle to get clothes for the trip.

Stay dry and safe, everyone!

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