Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heather's Guest Room

I have been so busy, I didn't even realize this post wasn't published last week like it was scheduled.  Sorry.  I can't seem to get caught up lately.  Too much going on and not enough time.

The adirondack chair project is going well.  I built one on Saturday to make sure I liked the design and to make sure it was comfortable.  I love it.  I am now building five more!  My goal is to have them built and stained by the Fourth of July.  Here are some progress pictures.

So exciting!   I can't wait to have 6 beautiful chairs out there for us and our friends to enjoy.  Of course, there are more projects on the DIY list for the dock.  It is going to feel so good to get the look complete and to enjoy the space.

Now for the missed post.

Last week I showed you a gorgeous, turquoise and brass vanity makeover.  If you missed it, the transformation is a must see so click here to read about it.

The vanity belongs to my friend, Heather.  Her and her husband live down the street with their two labs.  She is an interior designer from Boston and has amazing style that can be seen in her home and in her wardrobe.  I have dubbed her my personal stylist and constantly ask her for fashion advice.  :)

The newly painted vanity lives in Heather's colorful guest room.  I love the room so much, I want to show y'all the rest of it.  Enjoy.

The chair she has paired with the vanity is a craigslist/bargain buy that she ended up not even having to pay for!  When she went to see the chair it was in pieces and refused to pay for it.  She took it to a furniture shop where they fixed the chair, then had someone upholster it in this gorgeous fabric.  

This is Vela.  She is one of their sweet labs that is obviously not camera shy.  

Love the nesting tables and the accessories.

How can you not love the pink Samsonite luggage?!  Heather told me its the set her mother used on her honeymoon.  LOVE THAT.  

Heather and Kylie went to Austin last month and she found the makeup box that matches the set!  

Look at all the cool knick knacks on the display shelf.  I love that she can put a little white owl in a chair on a shelf and it looks good. 

The bed is so colorful and inviting.  I love the mix of colors.

This cool mermaid was a present from her co workers when she left her job at a Boston interior design company.

This piece of art hung in her grandparents' house for years.  

This Thomasville dresser is perfect.  Vintage with a touch of color.  I also love the flamingo art and the knick knacks on top.

Love the mix of colors!

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