Friday, April 18, 2014


Happy Friday!  No furniture today but I do have something to share.  I opened an Instagram account. Well, I opened an account years ago but never used it.

Truthfully, this is not something I wanted to deal with.  I have plenty to do and the thought of one more social media to keep up with gives me a headache.  But here is my problem.....

I have 750+ Facebook followers.  Facebook is my main source of sharing and social media.  Anytime I post pictures, share other's pictures, or share links and blog posts, only a small fraction of my followers will see the post.  EXAMPLE:  Yesterday's post, Polishing Brass Tutorial, was published at 11:00 AM CST and only 65 out of 750+ Facebook followers saw it.  65!  Some of that is because of the time, who is on Facebook looking at their news feeds, who has chosen to get all notifications, etc. but a lot of it is Facebook hiding posts from followers.

The other problem, I can't see pictures from people I am following.  Their pictures are being hidden from me too.  I went to several of my favorite blogs the other day and checked out their Instagram pages.  They put so many more pictures on Instagram than on Facebook and add more info.  Those things will NEVER be hidden from me like it is on Facebook.  This is really what made the decision for me.

I only have one photo posted and I am sure there are going to be some growing pains but I will get there.  If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow me here is a link to my profile:

I already added the badge to the blog.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.  My plan is to finish sewing curtains, finish staining the fence, and Blittle and I have to decide if we are going to build the new dock or re-do the railing and stairs first.  If you missed it on Facebook, we finally got our pilings!  After a month of waiting they are in.

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