Monday, November 11, 2013

Styling a bookcase

Happy Monday!  I am not sure how it is Monday already!  The past week has been so busy and just flew by without me realizing it.

Today I am going to update you on my bookcase.

Does anyone else have a bookcase with no books?  Sounds silly but I know I am not the only one.  I love to read but I have had a Kindle for 5 years now so "real" books do not happen at our house.  We have our wedding album and a few other photo albums from trips but that is it for anything in book form.  So when I found my really cool bookcase I knew it would not be displaying books.  I wanted it to display things that are special to us and represents our lifestyle.

There are tons of tutorials and tips on how to style a bookcase.  These suggestions apply for displaying books and non books.  Here are my favorites:

Style Studio by Ballard Design

SAS Interiors

Bliss at Home

I mentioned my bookcase before in this post and if you follow me on Facebook you got a sneak peek, but I have had a week or so to work on it and it has started to look really good....or at least I think so.  :)  Here are some before pictures.

Here are the "as of right now" shots.  There are still several things I want to do or change but this is how it looks today.

The sailboat was my paternal grandfather's.  He loved model trains and boats.
The propeller was an extra we had in the shop.  
The bonefish we bought at an art show in New Orleans.
The shrimp boat picture still needs a frame.  It was purchased by my maternal grandfather years ago.  It is a photo of where his father kept his boat.  You can see the Sabine Pass Lighthouse in the background.  Here is a close up.

The "Wind", "Water", "Waves" plaques were given to us by my parents when we got married.
The crochet "LITTLE" frame is from my husband's family.  His grandmother crocheted one for each boy after they were born.  Even though his grandparents passed a long time before we got married, his mother saved it for him.  She had it framed and gave it to us at our shower.
The photo is my of my maternal grandfather's father.  He is in Sabine Pass with his catch of the day....3 huge tarpon.  It too still needs a frame but here is a close up.

The bottom shelf of the bookcase has a framed verse of "Amazing Grace" from Blittle's parents and a wood angel.
We have 2 of these angels.  Blittle made them with his grandmother when he was little from scrap wood and metal.  The other one is in our bedroom.

I know I haven't showed much of our room but I am planning on posting about it this week.  Here is a little sneak peek!

I hope everyone has a great week and I promise to post again later in the week!

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