Monday, August 5, 2013

Outdoor Seating

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today I am going to show you my progress on our outdoor seating area.

Lets begin with what we started with when we first moved in.

Scary chairs left by the previous owners.  The cushions were melting so we threw them away and sat on the chairs without.  As you can imagine, this was not comfortable.  The side table planter is ours as well as the hydrangeas.  Just a sad space.

We spend a lot of time on the deck.  Almost all our free time.  Drinking our morning coffee, afternoons, evenings, whenever we can.  Luckily we knew to only look at houses that have East facing (more southeast but they say its east) decks so the afternoon, and very HOT, Texas sun sets on the front of the house.   Our deck only gets sun in the morning until about 10 AM and then the sun is high enough that the roof shades the deck.  On top of that, we get the breeze from the beach (most days). So even though it is 97 degrees in the sun right now, I am sitting on my shaded deck typing this and not sweating!  Close to a miracle in Texas.   I can sit on my deck pretty much anytime of day right now and be comfortable.  There have been a fews days where the mornings were so calm and there was no breeze so it got hot but most of the time, we have a good wind to keep things cool.

Comfortable furniture and a cozy space is important to us since we do spend so much time outside but comfortable, pretty outdoor furniture is not cheap.  The ones that are cheap usually look cheap.  After shopping around my usual places, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, etc. I didn't find anything I really liked so I went to the internet.  I buy online ALL the time.  So much so, I have my credit card number and info memorized...don't want to have to go dig it out of my purse while shopping and drinking my coffee on the deck :)  Having said that, I have reservations ordering furniture online.  It can be gorgeous and the right size and color but then you get it in and it is the most uncomfortable thing.  I like to give my furniture a test sit. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible this time and I had to order since there is a much larger selection online.

This is what I ended up with:

If you look closely, you can see Sabine's legs under the table.
She loves to get in her little cave.
See my Jaxson laying up against the couch?!

He loves to look out at the water.

With his head hanging off the deck.

I found my sofa glider and club chairs (only one is in the picture but they come as a set) at  When I ordered them they were on sale so I did not pay the price listed right now. I suggest waiting for another sale.

My rug is an outdoor 7x10 from  They have tons that are similar and in the same price range.  This one only cost $168 and that includes taxes and shipping!

The pillows on the glider were left behind by the previous owners.  They had Hobby Lobby tags on them but who knows how long ago they were purchased.  They are not made of outdoor material so I sprayed them with starch and hopefully they will hold out for a year or two.

The coffee table is a door was also left by the previous owners.  I have done this before:

This one I added doorknob feet to make it taller.  It will be used as a kids
table in a child's room.
As soon as I saw the green door I knew what I was going to do to it.  This is a super easy project!  It requires only a couple of tools and a few steps.   I will post the full tutorial and tips with pictures tomorrow so check back.

I hope everyone has a productive day!

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