Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Month Anniversary

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe it will be August 1st tomorrow?

We have been in the house a month already!  Somedays it feels like the month flew by and then I remember how exhausted I am and it feels like its been 3 months.  There has been a lot of progress made but I have been too tired, too busy, or too whatever to post anything.  Here is a list of what has been done so far.

  • The ceilings, all trim, and walls in the living room, dining area, hallway, guest room and master bedroom have been painted (felt like it took forever)  I love to paint but geez louise...I thought it was never going to end.
  • Old fence tore out
  • Concrete walkway broken up and hauled off
  • Hurricane Blinds fixed (hired out)
  • Built the fence - read about the start of the fence & flooring here: Flooring & Fencing
  • Tilled the yard and laid sod
  • Replaced ceiling fans
  • Floors have been replaced in all rooms except bathrooms (hired out)
  • Moved furniture that came with the house out
  • Moved some of our furniture in
  • Tore out old kitchen counter tops and backsplash
  • Built a box for the refrigerator so it looks like a custom built in
  • Crown moulding added to the kitchen
  • Extra trim added to kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinet bodies, doors and drawers have been prepped for paint
  • New counter tops have been prepped for installation
  • New lights installed in the hallway - read about it here: Let's Talk Lights
  • Laundry Closet painted
  • Washer & Dryer installed - read about it here: For the Love of Laundry
  • His & Hers closets painted
  • His & Hers closet organizers have been installed
  • Outdoor furniture purchased and assembled
  • Made a few trips back to Nederland for boxes in storage
  • Went to the Phillip Phillips & John Mayer concert (so much fun!)

Thankfully we had family help us with the fence and laying the sod.  When I list all the things we have done so far, it really is a lot of progress for one month and we did almost everything ourselves.  A lot of it did myself, and my wonderful husband worked & helped as much as he could when he got home from work....even though he really wanted to go fishing.   I told him not to bring the boat over yet, it would just mock him and tempt him :)  

The kitchen will be ready for paint in the next few days and I can't wait to get that project done.  I am ready to have a kitchen again!  Here are a few pictures of progress:

First weekend in the house.  About to jack hammer the broken walkway.

Started with a chain link fence on both sides of the house.

Chain link is gone!

New fence with tilled and raked yard.

New Grass!!!  We went with Palmetto St. Augustine.  Supposed to
be drought resistant and easy to maintain.

Love the fence and new grass.

Sabine sticking her head through the deck railing.
It will be replaced soon.  This makes be nervous.

Sweet Jaxson hanging out on the deck while I work.

Kitchen floor before.  You can see the yucky blue carpet
and the tile is the cheap, puffy sticky tiles.  (They weren't that sticky)

New floors.

Laundry area

Refrigerator box.  New crown moulding and trim.

New crown moulding and trim.

Our countertops.  American Walnut butcher block.
Waiting to be cured and cut.

New paint color in the living room, dining room, and hallway.
Finally brought up some of our own furniture.

New lights.

There are tons more to show...and do.  Things to do in the next week:  I need to unpack our decor things and start decorating with our accessories.  I need to find a 9-drawer dresser to refinish for our bedroom....our closets don't have space for folded clothes.  Build my paint booth.  We have picked our new exterior paint color but now I need to find a fence stain to coordinate with it.  Everyone stains their fence here and they look so good.  We are wanting to do the same but need to find a color we like and of course the samples in the store are not accurate to what it actually looks like on our fence wood.  Finding a color has been a little harder than I thought.     

Everything is coming together and hopefully things will slow down once the kitchen is done.  All our new kitchen appliances and accessories are here and ready to be installed, I just have to get the cabinets painted which will start this week. Wish me luck!

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