Thursday, January 7, 2016

Something New For 2016

Hi all and happy new year!  It has been a while since I have updated everyone with the going ons from around here and I am sorry for that.

The thing is, for over 6 months I have been debating on rebranding or changing the blog or even quitting the blog.  Not quitting Fisherman's Wife Furniture or changing its name but changing where I share my tutorials, DIY before and afters, home projects, etc.  This site was initially where I shared my furniture work to keep an online portfolio for clients.  Then we moved and started all these DIY projects, I started writing tutorial posts, then I started getting featured for my work (which is really our work, Blittle and myself), and on and on until furniture got totally lost in the mix of things.  This site was never meant to be a DIY or lifestyle blog.  It just naturally progressed to that and I feel this is not the right platform to keep sharing my non furniture adventures.

I procrastinated on starting a new blog.  Shock, I know.  I thought about not blogging anymore at all and was hesitant to spend the time and money on a new one.  I honestly don't think my life is that interesting (most days consist of work out clothes, paint clothes, ponytails, lots of dirt & sweat, paint and trips to the home improvement store) and sharing can be hard for me.  At the last minute (December 29th) I decided I want to keep sharing our home makeovers and tutorials as well as share random things like our favorite products and places to travel, which are common questions I get on the blog and in person.  Plus, this will give us an opportunity to feature Blittle more along with boats, hunting and fishing.

We decided to not get that creative and just call the new blog Brian & Kaylor.  Easy to remember and find us.  It can grow with us as we move on to the next set of goals, adventures and dreams.  Some of you may have noticed my Instagram  changed to brianandkaylor and there has been much more fishing, boats and hunting....and random food...might have to talk to him about that.  We are now sharing that account and it will be linked to the new site.  To see furniture just search #fishermanswifefurniture.  Fisherman's Wife Furniture will have its own Facebook page.  I still get featured with tags on Facebook so I feel its important to keep that social media separate.  I will update it with all things furniture but for DIY and other home projects please follow the new Brian and Kaylor Facebook page.

This site,,  will still have the current blog posts that link to Pinterest  and such but it will be changing to be a more professional website.  This will be the last blog post here.  Updates will only be to the furniture portfolio, feature and for sale pages.  When you visit, there will be a stagnet homepage and no more blog posts visible but they will be accessable. will be live next week...I hope.  I am currently working on getting some popular posts moved over as well as new content.  It will take some time and little changes to get it just right, but for the most part its ready and launch date should be Monday.

The first big reveal will be soon.  Our master bath is finished and I can't wait to share!

Over the next few months please be patient as I try to get things updated and moved.  There might be a few times you try to visit and the site is down or slow.  It means I am updating and moving content.  Just check back.

Thanks!  We hope you all keep following on our new blog and social medias!

Brian & Kaylor


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  2. It is so impressive what you have built out of this blog. I can not wait to continue following your work. And I definitely can not wait to see the big reveal of the master bath. My wife and I are planning on redoing ours so it is always very inspirational to see what other people have achieved with theirs.

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  4. Good move. Mixing a portfolio with a blog isn't nice.

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  6. I enjoyed reading your posts as I like DIY and have a lot of projects on the go myself. I think your tutorials are very helpful and inspiring. I want to wish you the best of luck with what ever you decide to do with your blog. I hope you will continue to share your furniture with the world.

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