Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dining Room Table & Banquette Seating Area

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is finishing up their Christmas shopping and getting things wrapped. :)

Over the past few days, I have shared a hutch to wine bar makeover and a custom coffee table.  This same client needed dining room furniture.  We decided to go with the same rustic, farmhouse feel I created with the coffee table for the dining room table.

Back to this picture.  The dining room table is the second something beautiful I made with these supplies.

I am obsessed with these legs! 

I love this table so much, I am thinking of building myself a new table just like it.  :)

Now there is the issue of seating.  Traditional dining chairs are always an option but her dining space is on the small size and is in a corner.  Also, there is a backdoor to the outside and the entryway to the master that can not be blocked.  Things were going to feel cramped with chairs.  She has two young kids and entertains regularly so plenty of seating was a must.  I suggested an L-shaped bench to wrap around the corner and provide plenty of stationary seating.  This is a great way to provide tons of seating in a small space.

I built two independent benches that fit into the corner to create one large, L-shaped bench.

Also, the space is very neutral and a pop of color was needed to give the space some interest.  There is a huge blank wall so I asked her if she liked the banquette look.  After showing her some examples on Pinterest she said she wanted to try it.  EEEKK!  I love when clients are adventurous.

Here is the back of the banquette.  Yes, that is what this picture was about.  This is fabric was used for the throw pillows in the living room and is where we pulled the colors for the coffee table and wine bar.

I was so excited about all of these peices.  This project is out of the norm for me and I loved seeing everything come together.  I also loved seeing this neutral new house become a home with character and color.

I have had dinner at this table and sat on these benches several times already.  It is comfortable and fits plenty of people.

I want to thank my client for trusting me with all the design suggestions and projects.

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