Thursday, November 1, 2012

So I started a blog...

and I am not sure how to do anything "bloggish".  It took me way too long to get my page set up and I am still not sure if things are working right.  Technology and I don't really get along.  I often have to call my brother to the rescue when it comes to anything that has a plug, wires or any kind of computing ability.  Also, if I am being honest, I don't find myself very funny, interesting, or much of a writer so the idea of me blogging is a little intimidating.  Having said that, I do have a lot to say about furniture and my adventure of starting my own business so that's what I am going to focus on.

Several people have commented about me starting a blog or have asked me to start one so I can provide more information about my furniture.  Right now most of my advertising is on my Facebook business page and they are not that user friendly and it is hard to give the story of a piece on my Facebook wall.  Hopefully this will provide the detailed information people are looking for and will be more user friendly for everyone!

Please be patient as I am sure the next few weeks will be filled with some growing pains but keep checking back for updates about available furniture and to check for new posts!  I will be trying to add all my past projects and add more information over the next few days. 

1 comment:

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